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  1. I remember regular agent costumes from code fusion are upgradable before the update, but right now it wasnt anymore was it disabled?
  2. This, but maybe that was an old decision by the old staff(DZW on events only) but the new team decides to change it and put it instead on code foundation
  3. Divine Battle works like an event, so there's that
  4. Arue

    Next Gear ?

    Your next weapon will be the free Extreme core and you should skip tiamat gear because its just a waste of materials Basically you do it like this = Free Extreme Core -> upgrade your super trinket and mod to extreme -> craft 3/3 irina trinket -> craft david mod(or get it for free from quest) and receiver After that, you should do purification stuff
  5. really want to ask this, will there be an anniversary event on this upcoming patch or you guys will just combine this year and next year's anniversary celebration next year?
  6. it's an unexpected downtime, maybe a server cabinet broke on OVH
  7. what character are you playing?
  8. Arue

    Need help with Luna

    hydra, pegasus, lion charge, antares
  9. Aside from gacha, you can buy needed items from cash shop to sell on BM such as synchro fiber
  10. Best to ask on discord channel
  11. Click that red alarm icon on the bottom
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