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  1. Just burst (use special move if possible) and dodge both of them ASAP. Space Elasticity -> Ex blade -> Magnetic for chain and then burst them with Ex-gravity, electrict strom, railgun and ex supercluster. There is a blue circle what c to evading the walls. 2nd tips is evading them by combat dodge. If thats not enough, these items might be helpful: 1. Buffs - Various items buffs to up your power and def as well. 2. Fly king's pronoun on trigger
  2. Welcomeeee and enjoy your stay here Guess we ll be half-step closer yes bl is my fav things
  3. Nm has various type bosses However im not aure what boss you are got But if you need assistance lemme know what can I do for you
  4. Amatia


    Yeah Ik your feeling Some ppl put min tcp (especially for bb raids, busan and sop) Btw what dungeon you looking for? I can help you
  5. Amatia


    Minimun TCP and avg lv is doesnt matter it just affecting your stats on dungeon. When you have lower avg than recommendation, you will get debuff. But, you still can enter the sector. Whenever you got minumin lv tamer and the item require that need to entering dungeon, quite enough to join the party.
  6. No. Please read the rules carefully
  7. From my experienced, your problem is cause connection to code server (in other words is your internet connection and pc) so do you have strong and stable connection? If that so, you have no choice. Bring 2 ppl or more (when its got bugged, 1man can not handle that even if he is not nata, violet or chulso) Or doing core for multiple times hoping its not getting bug or something like that
  8. for black lambs and wolf dog's team the portal for SP (irina & david) in HQ, meqn while for other team (wolfgang, luna, soma, bai, seth) you should access in guro or river side. then, you should join crew simple, press L and type crew name then apply and just waiting
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