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  1. Unless this is some how changed, I'm going to explain how you acquire the 3 star rare outfits when they come to this server. I currently don't have images (Since I never owned Splendor of Darkness and only have the new rare set on KR) Splendor of Darkness/Cybernetics (Currently the only two rare sets in CLOSERS) are 10 set costumes that can only be obtained via fusion and gacha. 4 accessories (Eyes/Pupils, Back, Face, Hat) are only obtain through the Gacha but are available for all characters 6 pieces (Hair, Top, Bottoms, Shoes, Gloves, Weapon) are obtained via fusion To fuse each piece, you need these items: [1] Synchro Fiber / [1] 3 Star Costume Piece that is for your character / [1] 3 Star Costume piece that is the same equipment slot (e.g. Hair. This piece can be for the same or a different character as long as it is the same body part). Note: Unless this gets changed, you will also require 1,000,000 credit to perform the fusion. Typically on the official servers, there was a 100% success rate on fusing the rare pieces on the first week of release. This depends if this server does the same or not. The normal success rate is 75% When you have assembled all 6/6 pieces, you will have access to a special emote. (SoD - Sitting on a cool sp00ky throne chair | Cybernetics - You go inside this space capsule thing and float around When 10/10 pieces have been assembled you are granted an additional effect of that set as well as the full 10/10 stats, one of which grants around 35% phys/mag crit dmg (I don't think SoD has another emote, but Cybernetics has this cool transformation emote for 10/10) Also when 10/10 of a set has been attained, you will be granted that character's special voice and portrait/skill cut-in for that related set. (Will post examples later) Hope this guide helps you out in the future when this server releases SoD and eventually Cybernetics EDIT: Here is a Video example I found from the KR server. In the video, if you're wondering about the pink ball of yarn under the synchro fiber, it is a cash item that keeps the original stats/attributes of the main piece being fused.
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