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  1. Guide to Levia THE BEST GIRL Here's a Guide about the BEST GIRL in Closers, I made this guide because I really like Levia, and she is the character that I've mained for a while. Please note that this means that this guide will lose it's value when used as reference for any other version. Overview She's the best girl, obviously. Levia is the Witch of Closers who specializes in aerial combat like many other Closers characters. What makes Levia different is the fact that she is more dependent on Phase Force and Phase Force Release. Some of her abilities generate Phase Force as others consume them. Phase Force consumption via abilities is unique to Levia as it is. She's very strong in PvE oriented environments along with PvP, but I will not discuss her pros and cons in PvP within this guide. This guide will cover her abilities,their effects and their purpose along with Passives. This guide in general will address the aerial usage of all abilities, unless it is stated that it also has a purpose on the ground. Abilities Demonic Release Passive "By unleashing her hidden potential as a Dimensional, Levia uses Phase Force more effectively than anyone. Converts 50% of Damage Increase during Empowered State into PSI Critical Damage and 15% into Aerial Damage Increase." Converts 50% of Damage Bonus during Empowered State into PSI Crit DMG. Converts 15% of Damage Bonus during Empowered State into Aerial DMG This passive makes it so that Levia, who is already dependent on Phase Force Release even more so and it compliments her greatly to build Phase Force Release with things like PNA and Tuning. Trainee Empowered State: Levia As every character in this game has their own "Awakening" ability, Levia's Phase Force Release activates her Damage Bonus during Empowered State and gives her 13.55% PSI Critical Hit Rate and 30.70% PSI Crit DMG at level 10. On top of this, once she uses this ability, she will gain another buff called “Dragon’s Potential”. This buff affects her Finishing Moves. I will go over this in more detail with each Finishing Move. A nice thing about Levia's Empowered State is that you can cancel out of it immediately since it grants both the buff and the MP as you cast it. This is unique to Levia, other character’s have to finish their animation in order to get it. In some cases you do want to finish the cast as it tends to not grant the properties of Dragon's Potential to FM3 and FM4 Due to the odd properties of cancelling early, she actually loses damage if her initial awakening doesn't sit through the animation properly. Therefore the first cast must always a full cast in order to fully utilize Levia's Empowered State Cancel: Levia This ability is the "Combo Breaker" of each character in Closers. Leveling this ability increases the duration of I-frames and lowers the cooldown of this ability. Combat Dodge This ability allows you to dodge incoming attacks if you time it properly. Timing the dodge properly is also known as "Just Evade", the I-frames that you gain from Just Evading is just as long as Forced Cancel. This ability's I-frames become longer the higher level Forced Cancel is. The dodge frame is around the start of doing it until halfway towards the end of the dodge animation for Levia which is about 0.5 Seconds. Offensive Usage: This ability puts Levia in the air slightly which makes it a great tool for setting up Aerial buffs like Mamushi Swamp or a nuke on a boss since Levia FM3 requires to touch the ground in order to do their damage the fastest. Since this ability only lifts her a tiny bit off of the floor, she will gain her aerial multiplier quite fast due to this. Horn Smash Level: 10 Levia does two strikes, one horizontal and one downward. With Master Cube, both strikes apply a 20% PSI Defense Reduction debuff. The first strike passes through the enemy where as the second one does not. In general this ability is used for its debuff component and for repositioning in the air as the first strike allows you to pass through enemies vs bosses you can combine the first swing of this ability with Tail Whip and Serpent's Waltz vs Bosses as both them are close range attack which does a fair amount of damage. Get it to level 10 so you can unlock EX Horn Smash once you obtain the Special Operative Promotion. Advanced: Additional Input. Expert: Increased Stats. Back Attack Crit Damage 10% Master: Improved Function. Decreases targets' Psi Defense by 20% for 10 seconds. Tail Whip Level: 10 This ability is a grab, which means it can interrupt enemies that don't have grab resistance. Upon grabbing you latch onto them and allows you to throw them into the air. Throwing them into the air requires another press so be mindful of that. Those who do have grab resistance make her bounce off and do a chunk of damage instantly. This ability is alright for mobbing as it tends to home onto mobs, on top of that, using this ability on a boss that has grab resistance is a nice bit of instant damage. In general The master cube of this ability lowers its cooldown by 2 seconds when used at a Skill Chain of 3 or higher. Special Operative: This skill will no longer grab the enemy and will do all its damage at once. This skill will change properties once Awakened which will make it very important later on. Advanced: Additional Input. Expert: Increased Stats. Damage Bonus during Empowered State 5% Master: Improved Function. Decreases cooldown by 2 seconds if used in a skill chain of 3 or more. Fang Stab Level: 10 This attack's damage is pretty decent and generates 1% Phase Force per attack. In total this ability has 6 attacks, so it generates up to 6% Phase Force if you have Master Cube unlocked. It's part of your rotation if your stronger abilities are on cooldown or if you want to generate Phase Force. You can sometimes even fire it into nothing if you have the time for it since the cooldown of this ability is fairly short. Thiis ability has 80% Damage Reduction during its cast. Get it to level 10 so you can unlock EX Fang Stab once you obtain the Special Operative Promotion. Advanced: Improves function. Additional damage.. Expert: Increased Stats. Damage Bonus during Empowered State 5% Master: Improved Function. Each attack gives 1% phase power Summon Familiar Level: MAX This is a buff ability that grants 20% Movement Speed, 8.6 Total PSI Power and restores 20% Phase Force instantly along with an additional 20% over 10 seconds. This is one of Levia's important buffs that she is heavily dependent on for mobility and Phase Force generation that she dearly needs in order to do her stronger abilities. If you don't use this ability you might as well stop reading this guide and delete your Levia this instant. This skill upon use resets Horn Smash and lowers EX Horn Smash cooldown by 4.5 seconds. Cooldown reduction will not apply if EX Horn Smash is pressed again while Summon Familiar is used. Rank 1 Special Move: Black Sabbath Level: 6 or 2(Task Force) Normal: The Aerial use of this ability lunges you forward and does your first swing as the second press of this ability makes her slam the ground which has a pretty good reach and has restand. Solid damage and great reach make this ability a very nice tool in both your mobbing and bossing kit. Dragon’s Potential: You lunge forward at the same trajectory dealing all of its damage at once. It loses its mobbing component, but specializes more in bossing at this point. Task Force: With her Task Force she gains an additional attack on activation which does a lot of damage. Because of this and the SP required for Master Cube, it's no longer worth outside of its initial input as the damage value of the Task Force Emblem scales with the level of the Task Force Special Move. Advanced: Additional Input. Expert: Increased Stats. Damage Bonus during Empowered State 5% Master: Increased Function. Increases Super Armor Crash level by 1, Damage Bonus during Empowered State 15% Novice Operative Designated Sacrifice Level: 10 This ability on activation is held. The longer you hold this ability, the further you move forward upon letting go after that you have two additional attacks that follow up which is the end of the animation. Now this ability has two purposes, the first is aerial mobility for when you know you're safe to try and get behind the boss for some nice Back Attack multiplier to add to your damage. The second is I-frame, the first part of this ability's animation is I-frame based on how long you hold it. In general this ability is your aerial dodge along with aerial mobility. It has decent damage and also pretty nice clearing for when you mob and great bossing potential because it makes it so you don't have to land in order to dodge an attack that comes from the boss. Special Operative: This ability becomes instant cast while under the effects of EX Horn Smash. It keeps its I-frame properties, but you will lose it upon landing. This skill will change properties once Awakened which will make it very important later on. Advanced: Additional Input. Expert: Increased Stats. Air Strike Crit Damage 5% Master: Increases Stats. Back Attack Crit Damage 15% Dimensional Singularity Level: 10 This ability leaves a singularity in front of Levia. The singularity draws in enemies that are nearby which makes grouping up mobs easier in order to clean them up faster. When used in the air this ability allows you to choose where it lands based on how long you hold it. The abilities activation is instant, making it a very nice damage over time ability vs both mobs and bosses. Another nice thing about this ability is that upon detonation it restores 15% if Lv. 10 or 20% MP if MAX level. Get it to level 10 so you can unlock EX Dimensional Singularity once you obtain the Special Operative Promotion. Advanced: Improves Function. Restores 10% MP (+0.5% per level) on explosion Expert: Increased Stats. Damage Bonus during Empowered State 5% Master: Improved Function. Draws in nearby enemies. Snake Signet Level: 10 This skill has forced Back Attack no matter from where you activate it from. This ability is your other I-frame move which is a channeled ability. While channeling this ability you won’t be able to use any other ability, but in return it also does an incredible amount of damage. Amazing mobbing tool and a nice way to avoid mechanics on bosses while dealing damage at the same time. Snake Signet applies a debuff on the enemy which reduces the Crit Damage Reduction of an enemy by 20%, this means that it makes them more vulnerable to your Crit Damage values, which is where all your power comes from, especially against raid bosses and end-game content. Advanced: Improved Function. Increases damage by 50% Expert: Improved Function. Inflicts 30% more damage on enemies with 30% or less HP. Master: Improved Function. Each hit decreases targets' Crit Damage Reduction by 20%, lasts 7 seconds. Hell's Trap Level: 10 This Skill has forced Air Strike when used on the ground. Normal: Holding this ability upon use will allow you to choose where you will release the ability. The secondary input of this skill interrupts enemies. Using this ability when you are on the ground will also put you back into the air again, this is nice when you can't wait for an ability that grounded you to end so you can jump back up again, which can be the case of FM1 and Serpent's Waltz if your Designated Sacrifice is on cooldown. Improved Function: Holding the "Down" Arrow Key input makes your Hell’s Trap a single hit skill. This gets rid of its restand and its ability to interrupt in return for instant damage and it still puts you in the air once activated. This skill will change properties once Awakened which will make it very important later on. This ability has 80% Damage Reduction during its cast. Advanced: Improved Stats. Increased damage Expert: Improved Stats. Air Strike Damage 10% Master: Improved Function. Recovers 15% Phase Force on use Rank 2 Special Move: Walpurgis Level: 6 Normal: This finishing move drops a larger version of Dimensional Singularity. Though this ability has no suction its huge reach makes it so that it covers a lot of ground which can take out large groups of mobs. It deals pretty good damage and has huge coverage. Its animation timer is a bit iffy to work around if you enjoy cancelling animations in order to get more damage done but in the end is deals pretty solid damage against both mobs and bosses. Dragon’s Potential: You do all of its damage at once against everything that is in front of you. Large reach, insane damage, ideal for both mobbing and bossing. It can even skip phases because of the fact it has time freeze and instant damage which allows it to be chained into other abilities that require set up. It loses its ability to kill multiple waves, but in return you can basically slam dunk everything. While under the effects of Dragon's Potential the animation cancel timer of this skill is briefly after its start up. This ability has 80% Damage Reduction during its cast. Advanced: Improved Stats. Increases Walpurgis duration by 100% Expert: Improved Function. Gains the [Walpurgis Night] buff. Master: Improved Function. Increases Super Armor Crash level by 1, Psi Crit Damage Bonus 20% Regular Operative Serpent’s Waltz Level: MAX This skill has forced Back Attack no matter from where you activate it from. This ability has 3 attacks. It has a brief moment of I-frames when you spike with this ability on its first use. This spell uses Phase Force instead of MP. This skill is very powerful as it's one of your main mobbing and bossing skills since it has very high damage and pretty large range to top it off. This ability grants a stacking buff that gives 1.235% Attack Speed and 3.75% PSI Crit DMG per stack, this can stack up to 4 times. In general you can get all 4 stacks in one move and maintain those 4 stacks before the buff runs out with enough Cooldown Reduction. You can cancel this skill into other skills for utility depending on what your strategy is but in general you want to use its full damage since it is very powerful. Special Operative: This ability becomes instant cast while under the effects of EX Horn Smash, will grant all 4 stacks instantly and gains forced Chase. This ability has 80% Damage Reduction during its cast. Advanced: Additional Input. Two additional attacks. Expert: Increased Stats. Back Attack Crit Damage 10% Master: Improved Function. Each attack stacks a buff that lasts 14 seconds (Max stacks: 4) Flash of Pain Level: MAX This skill has forced Back Attack no matter from where you activate it from. This ability has to be held in order to channel the spell. This spell uses Phase Force instead of MP. This is the ability you normally play around when you aren't using your Finishing Moves. This is your strongest ability before Finishing Moves. it is a beam like spell that doesn't have that much mobbing potential, unless you put those mobs inside a Dimensional Singularity. Its Master Cube grants 15% damage to Back Attack DMG, making this ability best used when behind an enemy. It also has grab resistance when you channel it. Special Operative: This ability becomes instant cast while under the effects of EX Dimensional Singularity Advanced: Improved Function. Intensifies the flash attack. Expert: Increased Stats. Back Attack Crit Rate 50% Master: Improved Stats. Back Attack Damage 15% Mamushi Swamp Level: 10 This ability places a field around you that does damage overtime. Very simple and straightforward. Its damage over time component is nice but what makes it even better is the buff that you gain and the debuff that they gain. You deal 7% more PSI Damage while the enemy receives 5% increased PSI Damage taken from PSI attacks, 10% Bonus Physical Damage and 5% Additional Damage while within the Area of Effect. This makes it so the buff is beneficial in party play as well. Advanced: Improved Function. Increased damage on enemies within range by 5%. Additionally gain the buff [Mamushi Fang] which increases all Psi damage by 7% Expert: Improved Function. Decreases cooldown for Snake Signet (1 second) and Serpent's Waltz (2 seconds). Disabled in pvp. Master: Improved Function. Increases duration by 12 seconds and attack range by a certain amount. Enemies within range receive 5% more damage. Rank 3 Special Move: Judgement Star Level: 6 This skill has forced Back Attack no matter from where you activate it from. This is one of Goku's special moves, the Spirit Bomb. This is Levia's 3rd Special Move. It's very straightforward. You drop a star on them and it really hurts. It deals tremendous damage but what makes this thing a bit weird to use is its trajectory of impact. Due to its pathing it makes it very hard to hit sometimes unless you line up the shot properly. To offset this I make sure to do Combat Dodge to put myself in the air and then use FM3 in order to make its falling distance shorter, thus making it easier to land and you can also deal its final damage faster. One important thing to know about this ability is that when it's used in the air, the star will appear ALMOST instantly. Meaning that you can directly cancel out of it into a new skill. Making this ability pretty great when you want to burst bosses or mob packs. Dragon’s Potential: Guaranteed Crit and Increases its damage by 10% This ability has 80% Damage Reduction during its cast. Advanced: Improved Function. Judgement Star explodes, dealing additional damage. Expert: Increased Stats. Damage Bonus during Empowered State 20% Master: Improved Function. Increases Super Armor Crash level by 1, Psi Defense Penetration 50%, Psi Crit Damage Bonus 20% Special Operative Dragon’s Will "Each time Phase Force is consumed, Levia’s latent power is released and receives the Dragon’s Will buff, increasing PSI Damage by 10% for 10 seconds." Dragon’s Will also causes her willpower to materialize and increase the damage of abilities by 1/3 of the Total Damage inflicted. The affected moves show her materialized willpower assisting her in combat. Empowered State: Levia and Summon Familiar also gain additional attacks upon activation, these persist even when animation cancelled. There are 6 things that can cause Dragon’s Will to activate. Those abilities are: Empowered State: Levia, Flash of Pain, Serpent’s Waltz, the Final input of EX Fang Stab, Awakened Hell's Trap, and Rank 4 Special Move: Dragon of Salvation. EX Skills, Flash of Pain, Special Moves and Awakened Skills, do not benefit from the 1/3 additional Total Damage inflicted. EX Horn Smash Level: 10 This ability has 4 attacks in total, which all have 4 seconds in-between upon use. The first 3 strikes pass through the enemy where as the last strike only moves her a tiny bit forward which leads to her colliding with the boss if it is in front of her. The 4 seconds interval between each strike causes the ability to be "Active", this makes it so that with the Expert Skill Cube that some abilities will do all their damage instantly and makes them do Chase damage as well. Those abilities are Tail Whip, Designated Sacrifice and Serpent’s Waltz. As Summon Familiar resets its cooldown, it cannot reduce its cooldown while it is active so be careful when you use this in conjunction with Summon Familiar's buffing components. Due to this skill being reset by Summon Familiar and Summon Familiar having a cooldown of 4.5 seconds. This means you'll be pressing this skill very often. Advanced: Improved Stats. Air Strike Crit Rate 50%. Air Strike Crit Damage Increase 30% Expert: Improved Function. Until the Additional Attacks are entered or before the last additional attack: Tail Whip, Designated Sacrifice and Serpent’s Waltz hit only once and become Forced Chase. The Skill Serpent's Waltz can be used in the air with Down Arrow Key Master: EX Horn Smash’s debuff, instead of decreasing PSI Defense by 20%, increases incoming PSI Damage by 10%. EX Fang Stab Level: 10 This ability can be pressed 4 times, each attack gives you 3% Phase Force. Using the last attack of this skill activates Dragon's Will along with cooldown reduction of Serpent Waltz's by 10 seconds and Flash of Pain by 5 seconds with each activation. With each Empowered State: Levia you gain 8 Apophis stacks, these are consumed with each input of EX Fang Stab, in return each input affected by Apophis deals 40.76% more damage. This skill lowers the cooldown of Serpent's Waltz by 10 seconds, which means that generally speaking every time this skill is up you will be using it when you are in the middle of EX Horn Smash combos in order to use Serpent's Waltz again. The only time you will hold on to this skill is when your Serpent's Waltz has 4 or less seconds remaining as you generally want to use either Mamushi Swamp or another skill to briefly bridge the gap in order to cast Serpent's Waltz twice. Otherwise you're generally better off using it whenever it comes up in order to maximize DPS. This ability has 80% Damage Reduction during its cast. Advanced: Improved Stats. Increase skill damage by 20% Expert: Improved Function. Gain 8 Apophis stacks when casting Empowered State: Levia. Stacks are consumed on each cast. Decreases skill cooldown of Flash of Pain by 5 seconds and Serpent's Waltz by 10 seconds Master: Improved Function and Stats: Attacks always inflict Back Attack damage, deals 130% damage on those with 50% or less HP. EX Dimensional Singularity Level: 10 or Higher Using this ability leaves a singularity in front of Levia upon being used. The appearance of this singularity after cast is almost instant and lasts 5 seconds. The singularity that is spawned will draw in enemies as long as it remains making it very nice for grouping up mobs. Be careful when using this because the pull is extremely strong, so even heavy weight bosses can get pulled into a location you don't want them to be if you don't consider what you are facing and can perhaps mess up a nice combo that you created in order to kill it to begin with. The singularity itself restores 35% MP upon detonation at Level 10. On top of that, you can no longer choose where to drop it by holding it, instead its cast will instantly drop the singularity. When the Expert Skill Cube is unlocked, using this skill will grant a buff that will make it so that Flash of Pain will do all of its damage instantly, on top of that the spell also gains 75% damage when you consume the Flash of Pain buff stack. Flash of Pain does not gain the 1/3* extra damage from Dragon's Will, but keeping the 10% bonus from the buff along to power up this spell is already amazing because of how obscenely hard this attack hits for. One interesting thing to note is that the Flash of Pain stack will not run out, but it also cannot be stacked up more than once, so if you want to do a double laser combo with FM4 you must fire the first Flash of Pain before you use another EX Dimensional Singularity. Keep this in mind whenever you decide to burst a boss. Advanced: Improved Stats. Decreases PSI Crit Damage Resistance of the opponent in EX Dimensional Singularity by 15% Expert: Improved Function. During Ex Dimensional Singularity, Flash of Pain becomes a single hit skill for as long as EX Dimensional Singularity is active, and inflicts 130% damage on targets with 80% or more HP Master: Improved Stats. EX Dimensional Singularity increases PSI Damage by 20% for its duration. Rank 4 Special Move: Dragon of Salvation Level: 6 This is Levia's 4th Special Move. Upon activation her willpower manifests, pulling in all enemies around her and causing an explosion that deals damage to anything that was within the 15 meter range of detonation. When the Advanced Skill Cube is unlocked on this skill she gains 3% Phase Force per second for 30 seconds along with an additional 50% Phase Force instantaneously upon detonation if the Expert Skill Cube is unlocked. This ability, just like Judgement Star will do its animation even when cancelled out of. This means that it can be combined with other abilities when you want to burst with it. Lining this ability up with other Special Moves or strong hitting abilities can sometimes skip a boss phase or even outright kill it if you have the proper amount damage. The Master Cube of this Skill gives a buff that grants 15% PSI Crit Damage and 15% Total Damage for 30 seconds. Dragon’s Potential: Guaranteed Crit and deals 15% Bonus Damage Advanced: Improved Function: Recovers 5% of Phase Force per second for 30 seconds after using the skill. Expert: Improved Function. Recovers 50% Phase Force upon detonation. Master: Improved Function and stats. Reset Snake Signet, Flash of Pain and Serpent’s Waltz. Grants Dragon of Salvation buff which lasts 30 seconds. Increases PSI Crit Damage by 15% and increases Total Damage by 15% Task Force: Good Fellas Good Fellas: Levia Passive Using the Rank 1 Special Move: Black Sabbath activates the Good Fellas Impact. This makes it that upon activation it will immediately summon an emblem that does a lot of damage in a large radius. It's a great mobbing and bossing tool as it has solid damage and it activates immediately which makes bursting with this skill a lot easier. The emblem's power is dependent on the level of Good Fellas Formation: C or Good Fellas Formation: C-Emergency Deployment. Which is the reason why you de-level Rank 1 Special Move: Black Sabbath, as generally speaking you do not have enough SP to keep its Master Cube effect and the Good Fellas Impact component of said skill is affected by her Task Force Formation skill. The damage of this emblem is also amazing due to the fact that it activates Aerial, Back Attack and Chase. which makes it do an insane amount of damage, as the majority of Levia's skills do not actually have Chase built into them. Good Fellas Formation: C-Emergency Deployment Level: 2 Another amazing burst skill, it deals an impressive amount of damage within 2 hits, which combined with Levia's burst potential adds an additional layer on top of that. I do recommend this one over the former Task Force Skill as it is a quick addition to an already great bursting character. As this skill has forced Aerial, Back and Chase even when used on the ground. It's one of the few skills in Levia's kit that has forced Chase built into it, making it a must have. The only issue with this skill is its 150 second cooldown at 40% Cooldown Reduction. If you are in a mission that you know will take longer than 3 minutes, you might want to consider using it early on. Otherwise you are better off saving it for a boss encounter or a mechanic which requires high DPS to push through as you will most likely use this skill only once per mission, unless you die that is. Awakened Skills Awakened Tail Whip: Dimensional Melting Core Awakening This Skill has forced Air Strike when used on the ground. Using this ability drops a small Dimensional Rift on the floor which draws in enemies and detonates after 2 seconds, the enemies hit by this will have 10% decreased PSI Defense for 20 seconds. on top of that it restores massive amounts of MP upon detonation. The second tier awakening of this skill grants an additional explosion and MP restoration. This skill is excellent at mobbing, it draws in mobs just like EX Dimensional Singularity but it also does colossal damage on top of that. It's MP restoring component basically makes it so you can no longer run out of MP as long as you press this skill as soon as it comes up. Due to it forcing you into the air it fulfills the role of Combat Dodge before you set up for a massive damage combo vs a boss. Due to the core awakening skill buffing the skill's output, it is something you absolutely have to use on cooldown or you will lose out on damage and be MP starved for when you burst. This skill will be lost after you obtain your Beelzebub Raid gear Awakened Designated Sacrifice: Chain Explosion Tindalos Shield Awakening This Skill has forced Air Strike when used on the ground. The Awakened version of this skill has identical properties to its non-Awakened counter part, except for the additional AoE granted, the AoE of this skill is a frontal cone in front of where Levia is. So if you i-frame with this skill, you need to predict where you will fire it or you will generally make poor use of it as its reach becomes greater the further away you are from the target. This makes it work nicely in conjunction with EX Dimensional Singularity's mob gathering skill. This skill gains 50% additional damage when used after Awakened Hell's Trap Awakened Hell's Trap: Indomitable Will Halphas Shield Awakening This Skill has forced Air Strike when used on the ground. This skill no longer has the ability to restand or interrupt enemies but instead does massive damage on use. Upon cast this skill grants a power up to the next Designated Sacrifice that you cast. So be sure to cast this first before casting Designated Sacrifice Passives Passives for Levia change based on your gear and PNA progression. The ones that are listed generally have a purpose based on that very concept. Choose them carefully as they change with progression. Raw and Crit Damage are your bread and butter no matter what content you do, it’s important to have these maxed out as they work in tandem with each other. More raw makes it so that the high crit damage becomes more effective and higher crit damage compliments high raw in the same regard Lvl.20 [Reinforce Blow] Lvl.20 [Critical Blow] Before we get Situational Damage, newer players should first focus on getting as much PSI/Situational Defense Penetration as possible. If you can’t pierce the enemy’s defense you will do no damage, which kind of defeats the purpose of building damage in the first place. Please note that PSI Defense Penetration, Air Strike Defense Penetration, Back Attack Defense Penetration and Chase Defense Penetration have their own separate values which get added up together, not multiplied to get the total Defense Penetration. For example: 50% PSI Defense Penetration and 25% Air Strike Defense Penetration makes 75% Total Defense Penetration. Lvl. 20 [Material Penetration] Lvl. 10 [Phase Force Detection] As you get more PSI/Situational Defense Penetration from Tuning, PNA and Chips you will build out of these in favor of more offensive passives. Which is where you move on to Situational Damage. With the release of Task Force, new Passives are being introduced, these are mandatory, if you do not have enough SP to level these up, you might want to consider de-leveling certain skills to make up for it. Lvl. 30 [Comprehensive Combat Training] Lvl. 30 [Countermeasure Tactics Training] Lvl. 30 [Phase Force Reinforcement Training] If you have SP to spare you can get these 3 skills. If you have issue with SP while in the middle of getting it. Prioritize Critical Phase Force as Critical Damage stat is not diminished unlike the others Lvl. 10 [Critical Phase Force] Lvl. 10 [Air Strike Killer Move] Lvl. 10 [Watch Your Six] PNA Your aim with gear and PNAs is to reach 40% Cooldown Reduction within dungeons. Third-party buffs like Circle Buff, Pet Debuff and Seulbi Teamwork buff all affect the total value upon entering a dungeon. Keep those in mind as you build your character. Offensive Arranged: PSI Power (Rate) Combined: Physical/PSI Defense Penetration Mutated: Air Strike Crit Damage Bonus Defensive Arranged: HP (Rate) Combined: 1 Total Physical Defense (Rate) + 1 Total PSI Defense (Rate) Mutated: HP (Rate) Utility Arranged: MP (Rate) or Movement Speed Combined: Cooldown Decrease or Damage Bonus during Empowered State Mutated: Cooldown Decrease or Damage Bonus during Empowered State Special Strain Weapon Affinity: Physical/PSI Power 200, Total Physical/PSI Power +5.00% Aerialist: Air Strike Crit Rate +15.00%, Air Strike Crit Damage +15.00%, Air Strike Damage +10.00% Backstabber: Back Attack Crit Rate +22.50%, Back Attack Crit Damage +22.50%, Back Attack Damage +15.00% Amplified For amplified you generally want a certain combination in order to gain additional stats on top of the ones you already have. This formation grants Air Strike Crit Damage +5%, Back Attack Crit Damage +12% and Chase Crit Damage +5%. This is generally the formation you should go for. The empty slots can be filled with Damage to a specific Armor Type. This is very specialized building and is generally left for last. This formation grants Attack Speed +10%, This is a formation generally used for quicker bursting. but makes it so you have larger intervals of being idle. Pick this one if you know the burst damage you deal is strong enough to make up for the loss of stats. The empty slots are the same story, invest into Armor Type specialization at the very end of your gear progression. Chips Pre-Beelzebub Chip set Weapon Platinum: Platinum Blue Chip Blue: Dual Chip Green/Blue Green: Dual Chip Green/Blue Module Platinum: Platinum Air Strike Chip Purple: Damage Bonus during Empowered State Shields Platinum: Platinum Air Strike Chip or Platinum Back Attack Chip Post-Beelzebub Chip set Weapon Platinum: Dual Platinum Blue & Back attack Blue: Legion Commander: Fly King's Blue Chip Green: Dual Chip Green/Blue Module Platinum: Dual Platinum: Purple & Air Strike Chip Green: Legion Commander: Fly King's Green Chip Shields Platinum: Dual Platinum Yellow & Air Strike Chip Tuning Generally you want to prioritize from 1 to 5, but if you get S rank with one of them it's better to keep that tune. Weapon Core PSI Crit Damage Total PSI Damage Back Attack Crit Damage Attack Speed [Rank 4 Special Move: Dragon of Salvation] Lv+1 or Back Attack Damage Module PSI Crit Damage Back Attack Crit Damage [EX Fang Stab] Lv+1, [EX Dimensional Singularity] Lv+1 or Attack Speed Back Attack Damage Shield Total PSI Damage PSI Crit DMG Bonus Back Attack Damage Increase PSI Defense Penetration or HP Receiver PSI Crit DMG Bonus Increase Damage on Unarmored or Heavyweights Skill Cost Reduction [Endurance Training] Lv+1 Costume Weapon/Gloves: Total PSI Power + PSI Crit Damage Bonus Costume Hair/Hat: Attack Speed + Damage Bonus during Empowered State Costume Top/Bottom/Back: HP Costume Boots/Arms/Waist: Back Attack Crit Damage + Air Strike Crit Damage Costume Upper Face/Face/Chin/Leg: Skill Cooldown Reduction + Skill Cost Reduction Costume Effect: Total PSI Power + PSI Crit Damage Bonus + Back Attack Crit Damage Costume Lens: [Reinforce Power] Lv+1 or [Critical Blow] Lv+1 I hope this guide has helped you become the best at the best girl. If there's anything you'd like to ask or if I missed any information please let me know. I will add videos in the future for visual reference. PS: Levia is best girl
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