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Found 59 results

  1. I found a kinda weird location on this hat... I doubt that it was only my feelings. But after i checked with my old picture albums (when i played on official server one) the location looks totally off. since i just only have Luna character and seha (but the acc is on Luna only), i can't check to the other characters. If people can share their photos, it will surely help more. Can we fix this? I would be really grateful if the developers can do it. 😄
  2. When i try download the game i have an error "502 bad gateway" its a page error or its my pc error? help pls
  3. Hello developers... I found another bug for White Cat Club set. It said that i need to use 6 *3 white cat club costume pieces to get the pfp. Then i checked on the images, it said i just need to put em into my costume inventory. But i already have them all (even i used them), i still couldn't get the pfp... Please fix this bug, i really want have the pfp for my violet btw... It looks good Thank you.
  4. I was completing a quest in prision skies, but after my characther can''t leave from this site, so I relog, I changed the channel, I restarted the game and finally I was to the launcher and press diagnostic, but the bug continues. The bug is only with my Luna. Nick in game: Qieun Link: https://youtu.be/2KIHw8RJ8wc
  5. So I was playing Code yesterday, downloaded it after months of not playing and after playing the tutorial and walking around a little bit, I got randomly disconnected. After that i attempted to connect again a few times and inside the log in screen after I imputed my password and Username It would always "Fail to log in" I tried this a few times for about 2 hours before letting the game rest for a bit thinking it was some Maintenance since I wasn't in the Discord server at the time. Then after I saw it wasn't I tried to log in again and see what I could do...And the game doesn't open anymore. Right after pressing launch it's just gone, the game is "running" on my task manager but after about 50 minutes of waiting nothing happens, it doesn't open or anything. Then I saw that people were having a similar issue, so I tried the solutions but still to no avail, Even going back as to reverting my Windows 10 update, Running it with Windows 8/7 compatability mode and everything. I have diagnosed it many times and it always just says it's ready to be played, However again, nothing happens and hasn't been happening since yesterday. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Edit: And by the way I have tried uninstalling it twice now, and my Anti-virus/ firewall is completely off.
  6. Account-wide titles. As title said - some of the account-wide titles that should be available for every character on your account after you opened them don't work. They simply stay closed on other characters as if you never opened them. It could've been skipped as a major problem if you could farm for certain title all over again on another character, like it was before achievement's rework. But the thing is with new achievement system, you can't - once account-wide title was obtained and accepted on one of your characters - it's over, it will stay only on that character without a chance to use or obtain it on the other characters. Below you can see an examples of what am I even talking about. Left title tab - my main character, right title tab - one of my alt character which is never ever touched any of those raids. Just a note that every title I mentioned below was acquired after achievement rework (some of them were acquired before rework, and re-aquired after). First of all example of working account-wide titles. Here, titles both related to Hoffman raid . I was doing them on multiple characters, but despite that every character on my account has it, even those who never touched that raid. Heart Worm. Beelzebub title. Same as Hoffman ones - was doing on a multiple charcters, but every character on my account has it, even those who never be in BB raid or even opened it. Next are those titles that don't work as intended. First is Hellish Tour Guide or title for 50 Hell runs. I had that title before achievement rework and I got that title after rework as well. As you can see in a corner it says "Account" (same as Hoffman titles above), but this title available only on my main character which accepted achievement after it completion. None of my characters besides one has it, even though some of them were participating in that achievement. Another example. Irina / David Raid titles. Same as above, "Account" in the corner, available only on one character that accepted achievement. (on the picture below you actually can see two more old titles that are accound wide as well, but aren't available on any other character - Conqueror of the Abyss and Dawn of the Hunter) Seems like problem occurred only with older titles that were available before major update. PG Buff situation. And to not create multiple threads I'm gonna mention it here, because why not. Another theme that everyone "interested" in, I guess. Plane Gate Buff Area aka TCP ranking pedestal. With one of the updates that Violet made in the past (somewhere in-between December-January) that area went missing and never came back no matter which updates were applied. In total we're missing that feature for 9 months. Not like that it is something THAT important (it is actually) since it contains a 6 hours buff and "Hall of Fame" of Top TCP people, but the fact that we're missing that for 9 (!) months really makes some people wondering - is that problem even known to our current staff and will we ever get that area back? Screenshots just to remind how it used to looks like.
  7. unable to use Sunshine wave costume box after crafting
  8. For a few months I've been on and off playing Luna, but everytime I go into a dungeon, I seem to acquire this debuff that makes me move very slowly etc. If there's a fix for this can you please inform me on how to resolve this issue? This screenshot provided shows the debuff as a black shadow around my character. Thank you and have a good day.
  9. Their emote chat commands arent working and they dont show up in the emote bar in union camp (means you cant use them inside of your house/garden) , so the only thing that you use them is putting them on skill slot
  10. when i playing OF .. i alwas disconnected at the last stage, its happen more than 10 times, can any staff solve this problem ? Thanks before ❤️
  11. Bug straight from #bughunting_vault that hasn't been fixed (doubt that it has been even noticed). Levia's BoD idle pose has a visual bug. Whenever you travel to a different location or exit the dungeon (so basically after every loading screen) and press "Walk" Levia doesn't have any animation (she's just sliding on the ground with BoD idle pose that stuck on her). Yes, it can be "fixed" by pressing "Run" once and then "Walk" - she will walk like usual after that, without any problems. BUT after next loading screen it'll happen again. It was tested on both 6/6 and 10/10 BoD variants, both with the same results.
  12. I was going through the story quests and When I got too Burning New York, I wasn't able to pass, I have checked every corner in the area, without any success I restarted my game. which did not fix the issue... I just updated at 9:50PM today Ignore my right screen.
  13. Recently I've leveled my Luna to level 67 and started the test. After the first mission I was very eager to continue. I ended my quest, but before it ended my game froze, and soon crashed. I was annoyed but tolerated it because I wanted to just get through it. I restarted my game, and continued. After the quest it crashed again, so I kept restarting. It crashed, crashed, and crashed again. I soon finished the promotion and decided to do the quests for dimension ops, and it still crashed. So now I know its not the promotion, its the game. Maybe its me. I don't know if this only happens with Luna, but I have a max Seha and Violet, and I had no problems with them. I don't know if its the whole team, because Luna is the first character I leveled in that team. If anybody has any information, please say something.
  14. Hello, I think I got a weird bug where some of my planting spots are blocked off and I don't see them on the field either, besides one spot. The game does say there is a plant there, but I can't harvest it or anything. Anyone got any idea why? https://ibb.co/tq4YM3S https://ibb.co/MVMf5gt https://ibb.co/MCBhvhd P.S. Sorry if I post this in the wrong place, had no idea where to post this.
  15. Hello, I came to help, I came back to play recently, now that I have a better computer, after logging into the game a first time on my new pc, the game was almost completely mutated, only taking the background music (these are working perfectly) and this bothers me, because I like to play listening to the characters, no matter the game, and this is very sad I looked a few things here in the forum, and it seemed that a folder was missing, the VOICE_DAT, and yes, there was this folder, completely strange
  16. Yut


    Hello, I want to know why this Launcher error occurs, since you can see that the Launcher appears duplicated and with that white stripe, and the download process in the bottom. I lost the laptop with which I played the game, then I had to resort to another PC that I have, which, when I installed the game, the launcher appeared to me. Any idea of what might have happened? And if they did not understand so much, it's because I use the translator, my English is still very basic, so I only have to resort to this. I think if you did not understand the summary it's the image below
  17. Can't find this quest anywhere. Is this a bug? Tried going through the whole area but I can't accept nor delete this quest. Im a Luna btw.
  18. Biglouxx

    quest bai

    how to clear this quest ? picture in this link https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=918892098304891&set=a.124422337751875&type=3&eid=ARBDyRY68DZMa9TtUzqYA0hXh3wMhSQuZbmq43W1pGtFQs1U8Q_fhGPXZjKbEi5kOMDu9B9aVifx8pND
  19. tina skills EX Sharpshooting can not use......just show Insufficient resources..can not use this skills...
  20. I can't go my housing.it always crash when i try to access it.please fix it.
  21. It's already 30 minutes since i open the launcher. The launcher are repeatly download this file. Idk what file is it but the size always same (8.44 mb). Can someone help me?

    PNA Bugged

    I got connection lost when changing pna
  23. I can't log in the game,and why does it have so many channel?is it a bug?
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