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Found 7 results

  1. when i try to open my game the xigncode takes too long to launch the gets an error pleasee help :c https://ibb.co/YZr3XBL this pops up after awhile
  2. after mirae update i got this problem... before the update, the game run smoothly
  3. The 4 set effect of the extreme gear says that yuri's special moves are leveled up by 1 yet it seems like the EX skills and Rank 4 Special move are the skills that leveled up. Is the text just misleading or is it supposed to level up the special moves? 2 set 3 set supposed 4 set
  4. Syivlia


    The game launcher isnt working. It keep saying file isnt found installing it again might work but it isnt
  5. Any explanation? Accidentally found this when looking the shop.. (it picked my interest) (I cant post the pict here, idk why, sorry) https://imgur.com/a/bCy6qCU
  6. So there is a current issue with crafting the Special Agent promotion Costumes when it comes to at least Seha. Seha when advancing to his special agent, he is supposed to get his Dandy Cut, Long Jacket, Gun Blade, Phase Guard, and Awakening eyes. However when crafting the box that you can spend 10 million on as well as quite a bit of Module(A)'s. You will only get the hair style, the long jacket and the Gun Blade. You do not get the Eyes or the Phase guard accessory with it. However the box clearly states that you can get ALL items for the promotion costume and yet the Phase Guard and the Awakening eyes are not given out of the box once you are finished crafting it and opening it. You only get the hair, the long Jacket and the weapon. This technically lies to the Seha players, like me and it doesn't give the full outfit when it comes to our Special Agent attire like it clearly states it is supposed to. I believe the wording should be fixed and it should be told what you would get, as in say it will give a full body outfit, hair style and weapon costume. Instead of it not telling the truth and not giving everything its stated to give. Or perhaps the two items in question for Seha Specifically can be added into the Code: Fusion crafting menu for the Seha players to make them using more modules, this way we can at least get the eyes and Phase guard appearances we so desire.
  7. Startup loading part it hangs and crashes the game I just get an error any solution?
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