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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been playing Harpy since she was released on this server, not that much in a rush to level her, but it's going okay. I've kinda been drifting away from her for some reason though. Her Playstyle is Nice and all, but she doesn't feel that fun to me when it comes to PVE, She's pretty strong though. But with that being said, What characters are really useful/great to use in PVE? I know Levia is a nice character to use in PVE because I see so many people praise her all the time lol, but other than her, are there any others? Is there a Character Tier List or something that I can look at? Thanks in Advance
  2. I made this thread because i'm curious of everyone's Choice. Who is your favorite character and why? did the story of that character interest you? Did the character's Visuals make you like them regardless of the gameplay? Comment down below some relations you share with the character you chose to be your favorite. As for me, my Favorite character is Harpy. when I first saw Harpy, I instantly knew she was going to be my favorite, out of all the Closers characters she caught my attention the fastest.. One thing I don't like about being a Wolfdog though, is that the leader Siyoung(Or however it's spelled) Is wicked, and I don't like her one bit. I quite surprised to know that Harpy had gotten brainwashed for looking at secret files, and I'm wondering if she's ever going to snap out of it. She has a pretty interesting personality though. P.S.- And I just got Intern with her, yayyyy. Side Note--------- Please keep the comment section clean, I really don't wanna see "Levia because Big Boobs" No that's not enough, and who cares .-.
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