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Found 12 results

  1. i heard that agile core or brutal core is best for Soma. What's the difference between agile/brutal core??? and what about the trinkets and modules? what are the best sets? (for planar gate and so on) ( sorry i'm asking a lot because i'm a newbie ) maybe if possible a screenshot? thanks
  2. Hello, I'm new at this so, I hope this post is at the right Forum. I normally play the game with windowed screen and now the game when I run it, starts with full screen. I went to options and pressed "Windowed" million times and when I close and restart the game again, It stills opening wih full screen. I would like to know if it's normal or an error of the game... or maybe it's me, idk ~ (btw srry for my bad english too)
  3. Hello all!So I have had this issues with the launcher ever since day one, but for the past 2 weeks i got so sick of it that i spent every day trying to find ways to fix it! My Problem was the launcher was either not appearing at all or loading just half way! So I have made a video tutorial on how to fix a lot of issues, crashes and steam overlay not showing included! Tutorial video - > https://youtu.be/ixrrd-7jQs0
  4. Hola como están soy un usuario de este juego desde hace una semana, el caso es que tengo un problema y es que al estar jugando closers el juego se me cierra solo, es decir que puedo jugar unos 10 minutos tranquilo pero luego el juego se me cierra solo y no tengo idea de por que me sucede esto mi pc tiene las características requeridas para correr el juego sin problemas y mi conexión a Internet es buena así que no se a que se deba el error si alguien tiene alguna solución o una forma de ayudarme por favor responda!!!
  5. R3D


    So im in a circle myself after everyone else left, and now i can't disband it even though im the new owner..... This is really making me wanna stop playing this game since i can't even be in a circle with my friends because of some ""Bug"" or something... Any help or idea would be much appreciated. -R3D
  6. Tickle

    wOW HI

    hey C:C ! I just came back a few days ago..and I really need friends to keep me from being bored i'm just your average robo loli Tina and my ign is Agony so feel free to add me !
  7. Hey guys, i'm playing since yesterday on this server. My character is a Nata lvl 47, named Alkaryptos. I wanted to do my 2nd Promotion class BUT! there is a bug, i cant do ANYWHERE the Skycraper Lure quest. Guys please help ; w;
  8. So yes, is the server offline???? Like, 10 minutes ago I was trying to go to the main page to donate, but I got " Bad Gateway to server" and I finally made it to the main screen. but now I can't even login to the game, I tried twice.
  9. Startup loading part it hangs and crashes the game I just get an error any solution?
  10. Hello my name is Dragon but you can call me KB0T~ I am a new Closers player and I am loving the game so far. I have recently started streaming over couple of weeks and I know whenever I play this game, I seem to find myself streaming it.. Its a very fun game and I've had some interesting people appear in chat. I play a lot in game with my fiance so most of the time you will see her in my party ; My characters I am looking to mainly play are Harpy / Seha / J / Violet (when she comes out). I try to answer all questions that are asked, however I don't tolerate any sexism or racist remarks in my stream so strict rules will be held on that end. I'm just posting this here incase some newer players / older players would like to see how I play / progress through the game. https://www.twitch.tv/k_b0t ; I am not a big fan of self promotion but I was suggested to do this by a few people so.. Anyways. See you all later ^>^
  11. Hi guys and GM. I logged in today without knowing that there will be a new box to be given away via the in-game mail. I was wondering if this can be transferred over to my other character since I will be maining that instead. Kinda concerned about it since the items inside it looks promising. If there is another way to obtain it, please let me know. Somehow, I think this one is different from this one:
  12. Heya! I heard about this server and brought some friends with me! It has been fantastic so far. The community is cheerful and there's a ton of fun content to explore. It is an honor to be a part of the Code: Closers community! I'll see you around the forums and in game. =)
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