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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Agents! Head [FA] Icarus here with a brand new edition of CODE: Creation! Do you have a passion for art? Do you want your creations to be shown off and rewarded? If yes, then it's time to unleash your inner Michaelangelo in this month's event-- made by artists, for artists! While the official [Community Guidelines] must be followed, there are specific rules that must also be followed for this contest. Violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the event. 18+ content is strictly prohibited. Stick to the theme listed below. Post any progress (WIPs) in a spoiler. Do not enter using multiple forum accounts. Your entry must contain at least one (1) Closers character. All work must be original and for this contest-- Do not steal or copy others' work or use pre-made artwork. You are only allowed one submission per contest (ie. you cannot participate in both categories or submit 2 pieces for one category, etc). All questions/discussions must be posted in the [Contest Discussion Thread]. This thread is for submissions only. Do not reserve a post for your entry. Submit your entry in a new comment once it is done. This month's theme is: Beauty of Spring! Spring has sprung in the Closers world, and with it new beginnings! Flowers are blooming anew, newborn animals are opening their eyes, and the air smells fresh. How will the Closers spend their days of Spring to come? Draw at least one (1) Closers character celebrating Spring! Deadline: 03/05/20 ~ 04/05/20 (11:59AM CET) Entry Form: IGN: Entry: Description (Optional): Please use this form when entering the contest! Creativity comes in many forms, so we'd like to award people for them! We have a digital and traditional art category, and there will be one winner for each. Prizes: Digital: 10,000 Bits Traditional: 10,000 Bits This Month's Winners: Digital: Lucylith [Muffy] Traditional: Akat29 [Akat] Previous Winners: Digital: Traditional: Keep at it and stay inspired, Agents!
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