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Found 2 results

  1. So apparently this event seed the distorted saplings have a bug where when you harvest it you will get a box that contain all of it's possible item but you might think its good because you get all of the items but no and the reason is because all of the items in the box is duration (1 sec duration maybe because it's just gone instantly) when opening the box so i would like to know more when will the bug be fixed and if the items from the box that gone can be re-obtain P.S. sorry for the lack of screenshot my screenshot doesn't work for some reason
  2. This event quest on Disaster Recovery Center by Julia is bugged and it disconnects me when I try and complete it. To be more specific, it's only that particular daily that gives those particular rewards, as I had a different reward when I first took it on. Hope you can do something about it tyvm in advance
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