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Found 6 results

  1. << THE EVENT HAS CONCLUDED >> Winners: Mesmerizing - 1st place - $10 PGC Winner Leafi - 2nd place - $5 PGC Winner Berries - 3rd place - 100m Winner Xap & Kitsunae - TIED 4th and 5th - 40m Each Winners Thank you all who turned up and took part, we hope you enjoyed the event. Til next time! Code : TRIVIA (Please read all information provided - any other info you might require that may not have been supplied, please PM me and I will include it in the thread.) Welcome to the event thread for Code : TRIVIA, an open community event that will be taking place on Saturday the 17th of August, 2019. The event will run over the course of a few time slots throughout the day which will be explained below. Here's a brief rundown of what is involved: The event itself has a simple enough premise: answer questions quickly and accurately for ca$h prize$. This event has been made possible with the hard work and support by some of my fellow crew mates from the circle Rebellium, who also helped sponsor the event. Our top scorers for this event could be walking away with one of the rewards listed below... (Credit for poster goes to Rebellium's very own Yan, thanks for the art piece!) Prizes: 1st place $10 PGC 2nd place $5 PGC 3rd place 100m 4th place 50m 5th place 30m How the event will work is as follows: at pre-determined time slots either myself, (or a fellow crewmate), will be asking questions at Guro Station Channel 8. - Each quizmaster will ask 10 questions, the topics covered and questions asked will vary wildly so there should be something for everyone. - Below is the ruleset for the event covering how points are earned, scored and tallied. The event will work in such a way that a quizmaster will announce their presence in game, a brief time period will be given for players to gather. - Questions will be asked in local chat and answers must be submitted via PMs to the quizmaster asking the questions at that particular session. Rules: - There will be 3 quizmasters for the event, each quizmaster will ask 10 questions, totalling 30 by the end of the event.- (If a tie between players occurs once all questions have been asked, a tie breaker round will take place. Mentioned below:) - The event will be using a 'Point Tally' system. What this means is that essentially each question awards points towards a total. - The first 5 players to answer a question correctly will be awarded points accordingly, in descending order. ------- 1st to answer with an ACCURATE and VALID answer gets 5 points. 2nd gets 4 points, 3rd gets 3 points and so on. ------- Only the first 5 who answer correctly receive points. There are no individual prizes per question, this is a grand prize event! - To clarify, answers must be precise. We will not be accepting 'close enough' or 'basically/essentially/pretty much' what people answer. - In the case that no answers for a question are exact we will make exceptions. That said, questions have been laid out in such a way that -should- lead all answers to be either right or wrong, some outliers may exist but we can work around them. - If at the end of the event a tie exists, there will be supplementary questions in a tie-breaker event to determine the order of the winners. - Players may work together but no teams or 'shared' prizes will be given. One reward per player. - Also, messages including multiple answers will be instantly disqualified unless the question specifically asks for them. - Due to the nature of the event, quizmasters will not be replying to PMs, they also will not indicate whether you were right or wrong in your answer. To keep things interesting however, the current point leaders will be announced after every 5 questions. This will occur 5 times, culminating in the grand prize winner. Winners will be announced in ascending order, starting from fifth place. Schedule: - 3 time rotations during Saturday 17th, 2019 - 4pm [GMT +0] - - - 12pm [GMT -4 / EST] 6pm [GMT +0] - - - 2pm [GMT -4 / EST] 8pm [GMT +0] - - - 4pm [GMT -4 / EST] (Multiple time slots have been created to allow for players showing up late) - Quizmasters - Eireann (Violet) Grandpa (J) Yuki (Bai)
  2. There has been an issue from my friend and as well as from me about Levia's Special Agent/Operative permanent costume pack. My friend stated that the pack doesn't come with all costume pieces. It's missing Levia's Special Operative Horns. Could you look into it, please? The name of my friend's Levia is 'LoliGwyn'. So if you solve it, please give them the piece(s) that was(were) missing and correct the reward pack. I don't need it cuz I still haven't crafted the reward costume pack yet, but I await for you to correct it so I can craft it without any issues. Thank you.
  3. Hey im a pretty new player who is having a lot of fun here. My question is about the summer outfitt. I know it was a event but i wanted to ask if there is anyway to still get it? I really want it so bad. Thank you in advance
  4. Does anyone know why I can not create this? i have all the materials
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the Demon eyes that are Red? I have the blue ones, but they don't really change anything.... except crystal-like Pupils. are the Red Demon eyes the same way? Thank you in Advance~
  6. Hello, so I just logged into the game after the patch and I noticed it ays 'Event' on the Disaster Recovery center town, I just want want to know how do you check the current events, thank you.
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