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Found 5 results

  1. Hello and nice to meet you! My name is ThatNekoType but, I go by Neko it a pleasure to meet you. Im new to code closers so hoping to make friends with you guys! If you wanna chat add me on discord by the name of Neko#3179! I play other games as well Oh and also is there a discord for code closers or no that will be nice to know but I hope to see you all in Game!
  2. hey guys, i just started to play this game again and i just wanted to say hi! ♡ my usernames - Bai: MonNuage Seth: AkaTsuki
  3. Hi i'm an active player and i will love to make some friends to play with only frecuently, to make party ask for level company or them to ask me as well, my IGN's are: DeatShot (Yuri) 79, DumSlicer (Nata) 67, DeadlyFeets (Harpy) 72. I Accept all of you all requests.
  4. Rikuma


    Hello. I am new here! Haven't really played yet until my bae Tina comes out then I'll main her! My user will be Pew ♥ How are you all ? I hope we can be friends ^^ And if there's any guild recommended please list them below!
  5. Are we able to pvp with anyone or a friend when it comes to 1v1? I know we can play with our friends in 3v3 but I wanna know if we can 1v1 them by choice or is it completely random entirely? I kinda just been giving free wins to people who are either higher level than me or unable to beat due to connection issues or them being overpowered/toogood/etc.
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