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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm fairly new in the forums and the server in general though not in the game. I've been playing on World server for around 1.5 years and I made a big guide some time ago with pretty much all you need to know about how to properly gear almost every char, some stats explaination and a few other things that I consider useful to know so I want to share it here. Unfortunately Mirae and Chulsoo won't be on the guide for the meantime but I'm pretty sure you can still follow the guide for the most part with them, just be sure to ask the proper people about their optimal atk speed and skill tune to go for. Now some other things to point out: -Since you can eventually max every skill here can just ignore that section for the most part though will be useful while you're still getting all the SPs -I'm aware of the different names for Bai and Seth skills so I made the changes on the skills to tune part, however, the skill builds still has World names but since the skills are written in the exact order and due to what I mentioned above I didn't find it necessary to change them but if turns out it would be way better to have the CC names there then I wouldn't mind to adjust it later -Only things left to add would be Wolfgang's Skill Build, Scorpion's title rank vs Yod's, and Mirae, Chulsoo and eventually Eunha stuff. For any comments about the guide post here or contact me on discord by Mari#5843 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jq2RPPlUgJ8aFr4kCF8MaSV2RPlLmC9Vgj0vvITPB3U/edit?usp=sharing
  2. So as the title says my gear just disappeared all of a sudden ever since i came back to play i don't know what happened any reason why?
  3. Hi, my name is Natsu and i'm from Brazil, also sorry for my bad english. So i started to play Closers, because my Friend plays in Korean server and i loved the game, remind me Tera Online (i don't know why but remind me). Good, i already indroduced myself, now i can explain why i need help of everyone. I need help, because i'm stuck in Plane Gate with my Tina and i can't do anything without help of another people Lvl 77 or something like that, because my items sucks. Core: Module: Reciever: Shield: Costume: Not only are my items are bad, as my details are too. Details: So if i'm so bad at this game, you ask me "how you get to PG?". My friend (whom I talked about) help me with Skills, Passives, what type or core i will get (Hammer or Claw and i prefer Claw), the set what i should make, etc.. 3 Pieces of Set Pursuit: Jin (Booster, Ring, Amulet and Mascot) Effect of 3 Pieces: 5 Pieces of Destroyer holy Grail: Jin (Booster, Engine, Ring, Amulet and Mascot) Effect of 5 Pieces of Set: The Core Claw Sign: Satan's Nail When i craft all this i don't know if i put all of this items on +10 and try to put them in Super Grade with UNION Gear Lubricant... i really don't know. Sincerely, I would have put this claw on +10 but i'm really afraid to waste too much in gear i'm not gonna use forever... this is not like the Athena Set (i think is the best set for use forever but idk all the stuff... i play this game for 2 weeks). He helps me when he can and i can't and I can not live on his back forever. So i search for a forum of codeclosers and came here to get better and use the criticism, help, advice, tips, etc.. to get strong enogh to help the new ones, to help any people with dificulties. My friend told me to level up my skills to 10 Skills: And with the passives he told me to max in this order: Physical Attack, Chance Item Rate, Chase Damage, Physical Critical Damage, Physical Critical Rate, Physical DEF Penetration Rate, Energy Control, Back Attack and Basic Attack Training. Passives: My PNA he never told me what should i do... so never touch it... but i'm lvl 14... it's something. I'm not gonna lie but i really need to get information of this game, i need to do the thing to get stronger... i see soooo much people lost in this game, begging for help and rarely someone offer a good hand... i gonna be that guy. I'm not saying there are no people who help in this game, of course there are people like me who love helping. So please, i'm begging if you read all of this. Help me to help the others... Thanks for your time, support and time. I'll reply as faster i can. Natsu.
  4. Hi everyone, a guildmate is comparing a +12 Hollow Booster with a +12 Perfect Blaze Booster, he attributes his damage increase to the critical damage from hollow booster and said that the physical damage difference between both boosters doesn't matter too much. As far as I know, physical damage has more impact to the output damage than critical damage has but I'm not really sure, so I want to know your opinions about this, Thanks for your time
  5. Allegra

    Looking for advice

    Hi everyone, I don't know what to do now, this is my gear: Golem sword, perfect blaze booster, harpy's jester booster are +11 Golem burning booster is +12 Everything else is +10 Note: i know that I need hollow core and doll(?) but I can't do abyss with party because my laptop is s***, also I tried to get the golem core to +13 with no luck.
  6. Soo...I seriously need some pepole for PG-10... I don't have any PG wep yet and my medusa wep will disappear in less than 6 days... And the circle bug just makes it even worst for me to find a party.. SO, if anyone will be as kind to add me (Gasp) and form a party with me it would be nice .w. I rather it not be just a one time party but actually adding each other and do them daily, at least till we all can chat with our circle again...
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