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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. the character loses combat and damage and they vary alone through the dungeons, I am frustrated to see how my character hits 1k today and tomorrow 100k I do not like anything he has me outraged since I do not understand why I lose all the damage of my pj I can understand that they patch and I lose damage but I lose 90% of my damage from one day to the next. Does anyone read see any sense in all this?
  2. Yut


    Hello, I want to know why this Launcher error occurs, since you can see that the Launcher appears duplicated and with that white stripe, and the download process in the bottom. I lost the laptop with which I played the game, then I had to resort to another PC that I have, which, when I installed the game, the launcher appeared to me. Any idea of what might have happened? And if they did not understand so much, it's because I use the translator, my English is still very basic, so I only have to resort to this. I think if you did not understand the summary it's the image below
  3. Hey, Im Nico, 20 Years old from germany. Me and a Friend (29 years, from germany aswell) just started the Game 2 days ago. We are looking for someone (german preferable, just because of the language) to give us some tipps about the game. Like gearing up, skilling, farming, grinding. We still looking for a active guild (crew?) aswell. If you would like to help us out with some question, feel free to contact me on Discord: Yij#3259 You should know, we dont mind grinding as we played Void Elsword before since the release and were really far in this game. Its nice to meet you guys and thank you for reading my little instruction. Would be glad to hear something from you soon. Nico and Rob
  4. When i try download the game i have an error "502 bad gateway" its a page error or its my pc error? help pls
  5. please I need help with this error please I tried to restart my internet and it does not let me do anything it is called sigsegv handler error
  6. When i started the launcher it went fine. Then 2 hours later i checked that the downloaded files are decreasing (ex : Was 962mb then turns into 946 mb) Does this mean that it didn't download it correctly or it is just the counter that is wrong? Gif :
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