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Found 23 results

  1. Hey Code:Closers Peeps .w. if you played Void, you may know me as KickYaFace/Nakurai, (hey sisters) After weeks of being asked to join C:C by my friends, i gave in. now here I am making this thread. I look forward to getting to know the community and the weird BM, Used to play on KR, but it sucks being alone , thus the reason I joined C:C. I'm a wheelchair main, but dont worry yuri squad, once the buffs come we slay <3~ if you like yaoi we are alrdy one step closer to be friends. PS: counts too if you love bayonetta/nier universe uwu~
  2. Hello and nice to meet you! My name is ThatNekoType but, I go by Neko it a pleasure to meet you. Im new to code closers so hoping to make friends with you guys! If you wanna chat add me on discord by the name of Neko#3179! I play other games as well Oh and also is there a discord for code closers or no that will be nice to know but I hope to see you all in Game!
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Ein (I also go by Summer). I used to play on the official Closers server but after quitting and returning numerous times, I've decided to try this server out too in hopes of it keeping my attention for longer than a few days. Currently I'm leveling Wolfgang (my previous main and favorite character). While it is a bit lonely, I'd prefer that than torturing a soul to play with me when my loading is this abysmally slow. Though I'd still love to meet new people to talk with and am looking for advice! My agent name is Eligos and my Wolfgang's name is Scaeva. Nice to meet you all!
  4. I play as Tein (Misteltein, what an name!), whom I named Viraso. I've been enjoying my time on Code Closers so far. Feel free to say hi, I'll respond in kind. Have a great day everyone!
  5. Hello everyone of the C.C community! Due to a friend which got me interested in Code Closers recently, I do have to say its defiantly different from any other MMO-type game I've played. And I am really enjoying it greatly so far! Non-stop fun along with story lines with twists & turns hehe. I've been playing it for the past month now, but sadly only today did I discover forums. I wish I joined it earlier but due to a 404 error I couldn't even click on "forums" on the website. I am knowledgeable on the game, again due to my friend who explained a lot of stuff to me, however there is still a lot I need to learn in C.C. hehe. I am kind of casual (depends on my mood hehe) but I don't mind helping someone out if they need it. I can be solo but I also don't mind being a group, I can be either way. I know there is the new patch with Busan, but not exactly sure what that's about atm, at least the new area. But I do hope others are enjoying Code Closers as much as I am at the moment! I do look forward to more updates towards the future of C.C, and I hope everyone's week is going well! :3
  6. Hello everyone. ^^ I'm casual player of Code Closers. I hope that everyone is having fun with playing. Good luck and enjoy yourself. ^^
  7. hey guys, i just started to play this game again and i just wanted to say hi! โ™ก my usernames - Bai: MonNuage Seth: AkaTsuki
  8. Oh, hi. Soโ€ฆ I decided to play Closers again. Already forgot my accounts on ID and JP, but they were both Yuri/Seulbi and Tina/Seulbi so in conclusion I only know how to play three charas atm lol~ Hope I can get hooked again with playing this game. I'm out~๐ŸŽถ
  9. Kurughi


    Ello everyone, the names Kurughi ive been playing on and off for awhile but i never introduced myself ( or made a forum account lol) anyway hope to see you guys around ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Hyrora


    Hi everyone, I've played before but I've never introduced myself. I used to play about a year ago, and I honestly never got too much into the game, but I'm back! Just wanted to say hi, and if anyone has any advice/wisdom for a semi-newbie feel free to message me or post it here. Thank you all for reading~
  11. Hello! Bonjour! ์•ˆ๋…•~ Kumusta? My account name is Darquenesse, but you can just call me Darq for short :^) I am kind of on and off in this game, in which I experience periods of all-day activity or no activity at all for several months. This is because of school or other IRL things though ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I do really love this game, so I decided to finally enter the forums just to see how the community is like! I hope you take care of me :3 #LeviaBestGirl S/O to Tartaros and also the best potato ๐Ÿฅ”
  12. Hi my name is Ace... I've been playing CC for about couple of weeks... My IGN is Aiecu... I love to play games esp MMORPG and I hope I can play with you guys also cuz I love playing with people like you,guys who I share a common interest. Take care of me guys
  13. Hello~! My name's Caroline im girl from poland.I like kpop,games,rodents,eating,sleeping and roleplaying. Im Playing as Tina but i dont know much about builds and stuff. Im looking for a nice guild that could show me what to do o-o Im shy please dont eat me.
  14. Hello Everyone, Clain here! I have totally forgot Closers even existed because of hype from other MMO's, I can't believe it's been out this long at all!!!! I've tried the tutorial already and really love the game, it reminds me of Elsword. Anyway, I'm new and excited to finally be playing the game ^-^
  15. Hello guys! Nice to meet ya, this isn't my first time playing closers, I used to play in the Indonesia server(I I did not understand a thing of the lore there x.x'') and when I discovered Code from one friend I was ''OMG I WILL CAN FINALLY PLAY THIS BEAUTIFULL GAME''...this was like...6 months ago and I did a comeback now because I saw the news, Tina is here so I wanted to test her anyway I'm knowing something of the Lore but the movies and some conversations are still in another language, if someone could just resume for me I would be glad. Well, see ya in game IGN: Main: lNanami-Levia ALt: Schwin-Tina oh almost forget I'm a little laggie in the game because my pc isn't good, so I just play solo, maybe in team if someone can handle my lag
  16. Hello everyone! My name is MazinGetterZ, but I tend to just go by Maz. I like Super Robots, Explosions, and cool fighting stuff of all kinds. I just got into this game after deciding to drop Marvel heroes and I really, really enjoy the combat so far. I had a question, though. How do I get the coins for the cash shop? I apologize if this is something stated elsewhere on the forum and I missed it. Hope to see you all out there in game!
  17. Hi there and thanks for reading my post! I'm new to CODE: Closers (and Closers in general). I'm super excited to be able to play it, and am looking forward to being a part of the community! I've played a lot of Elsword (Void server particularly), and am seeking a break from it. Have a nice day! ^ ^
  18. Hello, I'm Suvishev! I'm a girl, and I playing Code Closers for a month. My main is Harpy, because she is most comfortable for me. I think, thats all for now. ps. I'm playing Elsword too, for a five years.~ ps2. I'm looking for a circle!
  19. yo not that much to say im a german agent who just like animu n shit got a bbc for god sake and do sports ( WHAT , yea keep fit for grils and being mobile overall) I Play Seulbi ( soon lv 70 yay) Before i was TRAP MAIN trashed her, ... i mean him (well hes just there for bonus stats) The name Titfuck is not anymore available,( goddes of legs has it tho) and thats it My IGN is: F4ker My youtube ( doing mostly music stuff and sometimes gaming): : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7WEP20Jnk678O62D89NpUA Sub me if you like the shit i do
  20. Hi guys. Nice to meet ya. I'm new to this game. I saw this game on my facebook gaming group. It looks cool so I decided to try it out. Here's a little info about me: I'm male. (My profile picture is a girl so you can't determine my gender lol) I love anime, manga, LN(Light novel), VN(Visual Novel), gaming, science and programming. I like games with survival, open-world genre. And.. That's all. :3 Hope I can make new friends with you guys! I suck at english
  21. Heya! I heard about this server and brought some friends with me! It has been fantastic so far. The community is cheerful and there's a ton of fun content to explore. It is an honor to be a part of the Code: Closers community! I'll see you around the forums and in game. =)
  22. Aritorius


    Hello. I am the one known as Cilaires (or Serialic) Nice to meet you all and I hope we can all get along smoothly. o/
  23. Hello everyone I'm Haru and hope we can get along.
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