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Found 7 results

  1. When i try download the game i have an error "502 bad gateway" its a page error or its my pc error? help pls
  2. Syivlia


    The game launcher isnt working. It keep saying file isnt found installing it again might work but it isnt
  3. The patcher is permanently stuck on downloading and unpacking I can't interact with it in any way aside from closing and minimizing it I have already redownloaded and installed it several times as recommended but that has failed to fix the problem, i would appreciate it if anyone can offer any help
  4. Yut


    Hello, I want to know why this Launcher error occurs, since you can see that the Launcher appears duplicated and with that white stripe, and the download process in the bottom. I lost the laptop with which I played the game, then I had to resort to another PC that I have, which, when I installed the game, the launcher appeared to me. Any idea of what might have happened? And if they did not understand so much, it's because I use the translator, my English is still very basic, so I only have to resort to this. I think if you did not understand the summary it's the image below
  5. I keep trying to log in but all it says Failed to connect to servers and i doubled check my password everything but still will not let me log in
  6. I dont know man all im trying to do is just play the game i am new player and im already off at a bad start i keep re downloading and even went as far to system restore. I even did the whole XIGN CODE. ZIp delete the old one, run cc patch and launch i keep getting the stupid CW. EXE system error the code execution cannot proceede because VCOMP100,DLL was not found reinstalling program may fix the problem. re downloaded plenty of time and still no go. i mean crap im gonna have to quit before i even start
  7. Hello all!So I have had this issues with the launcher ever since day one, but for the past 2 weeks i got so sick of it that i spent every day trying to find ways to fix it! My Problem was the launcher was either not appearing at all or loading just half way! So I have made a video tutorial on how to fix a lot of issues, crashes and steam overlay not showing included! Tutorial video - > https://youtu.be/ixrrd-7jQs0
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