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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, Im Nico, 20 Years old from germany. Me and a Friend (29 years, from germany aswell) just started the Game 2 days ago. We are looking for someone (german preferable, just because of the language) to give us some tipps about the game. Like gearing up, skilling, farming, grinding. We still looking for a active guild (crew?) aswell. If you would like to help us out with some question, feel free to contact me on Discord: Yij#3259 You should know, we dont mind grinding as we played Void Elsword before since the release and were really far in this game. Its nice to meet you guys and thank you for reading my little instruction. Would be glad to hear something from you soon. Nico and Rob
  2. Hello and nice to meet you! My name is ThatNekoType but, I go by Neko it a pleasure to meet you. Im new to code closers so hoping to make friends with you guys! If you wanna chat add me on discord by the name of Neko#3179! I play other games as well Oh and also is there a discord for code closers or no that will be nice to know but I hope to see you all in Game!
  3. Hello, everyone, my name is RiniSakura and I'm new to Code: Closers is a pleasure to meet you all. I hope to get to know all of you and make a lot of wonderful friends! If you wanna hit me on discord add me at Disney#8611. Speaking of discord if it ok asking is there an official discord server for this game?
  4. Hi guys , im a new player in closers , came across this server because my friend recommended it as he have played it in the past.Can anyone guide me through what to do first and what to do after certain amount of time ? Really appreciate the help .
  5. Hello. Does anyone have any information on what might fall out of these chests? A complete list of items is advisable. For example, can I get an accessory: "Hip Monocle"? I apologize in advance, English is not my main language. I hope the point is clear. Thanks.
  6. So, I've been playing for a few days (Been "Soloing" it since now because idk how to socialize), I play Luna and I'm lvl 86 witn around 350k TCP, I was doing Irina Solo a few times and I got the "Resisting bug lump" which If I'm not mistaken is for crafting the Antique trinkets, however I can't seem to find where it's crafted ;; I was accessing the subjugation programs from Riverside skies and I read online that I could craft them on UNION Division HQ however the "advanced" crafting bot isn't there and the crafting bots that are there don't have the option to craft the items and I can't access the subjugation programs from there. Sorry if this is a really dumb thread but I thought it'd be better to ask here '^'. Edit: Just so you know how new I am I don't even know where to join guilds and stuff, I've been pretty much just "going" up until now
  7. Hello guys, I am new here, so as a newbie. I want to know that if the Fatigue system is gone or still on. Because during playing I noticed that my account and character both fatigue is ended for today so basically I am not able to join any more quests for now. Because I saw today in one Tip that Fatigue system is gone so I am asking if my fatigue will be reset or my account got bugged :o
  8. Am some1 who prefers to play with friends and make friends with the ones who play with me in the dungeons. Am not too good at PvP so gonna avoid it for now. Hope to meet you all and play with you guyz in the dungeons.
  9. Once again, hello everyone! My name is just the same in my main IGN and forum, ZenithAsh. Anyway, I read some threads and comments in this forum before I make this very own thread. I can feel the warmness and gentleness of the community (lol, how expressive). Kidding aside, I hope for having a good experience being in here and making friends as well. Lastly, I'm completely newbie in this game and I'm just currently following in the questline for the meantime (Level 46-Yuri, T^T ). Please take care of me. We might meet coincidentally in game (or if the server will up)
  10. Hello This is my first being here and I am completely new to this. What should I do after installing the game. P.S. Why is the download speed so slow .-. Thanks for your time viewing this :^)
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