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Found 10 results

  1. while i have set Soma's skills for Pve, i haven't set the Pvp and i have an urge to play Pvp today. i have about 495 skill points for the pvp section and i haven't levelled up anything and i'm currently at level 69 about to level up to 70, and i'm already a special agent. could someone tell me a good skill build for Soma at Pvp? the passive and the active ones please ?
  2. i heard that agile core or brutal core is best for Soma. What's the difference between agile/brutal core??? and what about the trinkets and modules? what are the best sets? (for planar gate and so on) ( sorry i'm asking a lot because i'm a newbie ) maybe if possible a screenshot? thanks
  3. Hello guys, I am new here, so as a newbie. I want to know that if the Fatigue system is gone or still on. Because during playing I noticed that my account and character both fatigue is ended for today so basically I am not able to join any more quests for now. Because I saw today in one Tip that Fatigue system is gone so I am asking if my fatigue will be reset or my account got bugged :o
  4. I know we are gonna get some sort of compensation for the inconvenience that the server cost us, just wanna know if it covers those whose premium buffs expired at some point during the downtime? I had a week or so left of premium buffs that I wasnt able to use so yea. anyways, glad to see the server is back up.
  5. Heya! I recently heard of this super dandy core called "Mirage Lantern". It is a level 70 epic lantern core with some groovy magic stats. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to get/craft one! Thank you for your time!
  6. Hi guys and GM. I logged in today without knowing that there will be a new box to be given away via the in-game mail. I was wondering if this can be transferred over to my other character since I will be maining that instead. Kinda concerned about it since the items inside it looks promising. If there is another way to obtain it, please let me know. Somehow, I think this one is different from this one:
  7. since i will be able to craft sum of 70 Orange gear, i need some clarification before i regrettin everythin in my whole life and quit closers So here it is. Q1 : If i craft an orange gear that has a "Set effect" TWICE. Will the Effect Stacked? Ex : i craft item A, B and C it got ABC effect, and then i craft another A, B and C for the ABC effect, can i wear it ? and will the ABC effect stack? Q2 : Are the plane gate's gears the best gear atm? thats all~ thanks in advance #sorryifimakethequestionverycomplicated
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