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  1. [Reaper] Mirae In this guide we gonna take a look at new character - Mirae Mirae is physical character, aerial/back/chase damage dealer with a lot of [True Damage] Her kit is focused on buffing skills with [Shadow] and using [Dark Master] passive Difficulty level ★★★★☆ Basic passives Shadow Leader Mirae can shroud herself in darkness and can manipulate the shadow. With each death and resurrection, Mirae gains [Dark Leader] buff, which can be stacked up to 7 times. Each time Mirae casts [Shadow Call], she gains a [Shadow Master] buff for 7s.* [Shadow Master] buff [Dark Leader] buff *buff duration can be reset. If you use Shadow Call first step and wait a little longer to detonate shadow with second button press, you can reset buff duration and extend it up to 12 sec. (max. 5 sec for first move, then 7 sec after reset) Summon a Shadow. Press the skill key again to switch place with the Shadow, the Shadow then explodes dealing damage to the surroundings. Explosion attack is always [True Damage], Guaranteed Aerial/Back/Chase and Critical. Recover 20% of Phase Release Gauge when cast. Damage of [Shadow Call] will scale with skill level of all [Finishing Move] Pressing ↑ when using on the ground will summon Shadow in the air. Pressing ↓ when using in the air will summon the Shadow on the ground. With every use of [Shadow Call], you gaining [Shadow]. [Shadow] increase all affected by it skills damage (guarantee Aerial/Back/Chase, Critical and [True Damage]). Skills affected by [Shadow] can be upgraded once per [Shadow Call] usage. If you use once skill which is upgraded by [Shadow], you cannot summon another [Shadow] unless you will use [Shadow Call] again [Shadow] in skills is always marked with red color description Messenger Skills Quickly dodge backward and evade enemy attacks, decreasing incoming damage by 60%. Can also be used in the middle of normal attacks. Press a direction key to evade in that direction. If you use Combat Dodge at the exact moment that an enemy attacks you, you become temporarily invulnerable. Note: Mirae combat dodge is pretty long and slow as Bai one. It's important to learn that you should use it quicker than other characters to dodge certain attacks Cancel a move midway, so you can cast another skill. Attacks surrounding enemies and makes you Invincible for 1 second (+0.2 seconds per skill level). Can also be used while Immobilized by enemy attack, pushing away surrounding enemies in a 4 meter range. Releases all your accumulated Phase Force at once, temporaily improving your stats for 40 seconds (+2 seconds per skill level). Phase Force accumulates when you attack or are attacked. When you are empowered, all your outgoing damage increases by 20% (+2% per skill level) and Special Moves' Super Armor Crash increases by 1. You also replenish 30% of your Max MP, and casts the [Embrace of Darkness] buff, increasing certain stats by an amount determined by skill level Rushes forward and attacks with a wide swing. (Can stay at lv.10) Rush forward, then dodge backward to attack if hit an enemy. [Invincible] when casting. Hide Dusk is guaranteed Aerial. Rush upward while pressing ↑ when using on the ground. Rush downward while pressing ↓ when using in the air. [Twilight-Unleashed] While using [Shadow Call] upgrade your basic attacks once per skill usage (not able to stack; only available after opening Master Cube) Enhanced Basic Attacks: →→↑ z and →→ z z = base attack button [Twilight] buff Rush forward, grabbing an enemy and execute them. (can stay at lvl.10) Nightfall Gambol is guaranteed Aerial. Rush upward while pressing ↑ when using on the ground. Rush downward while pressing ↓ when using in the air. Gather strength to unleash a flurry of attacks The longer the skill key is held, the more [Sunset] stacks are gained Guaranteed Aerial/Back/Chase. 80% Damage Reduction when casting. [Sunset] buff Physical Attack +110(+10 per stack), Physical Critical Damage +6(+1 per stack)%, Max 50 stacks. Contractor Skills Swing the Scythe along the ground while attacking the enemy. (can stay at lv.10) Pressing ↑ when using on the ground to cast [Ground Uppercut]. Pressing ↓ when using in the air to cast [Aerial Downward Strike]. Skill has 2 charges (3 with Master Cube) Swing the Scythe in a great arc to attack the enemy. Guaranteed Back. 80% Damage Reduction when casting. Swiftly swings the scythe, then performs a flurry of attacks. Guaranteed Back. [Invincible] when casting. Move like dancing and cutting enemy. Guaranteed Back. [Invincible] when casting. Walking silently like a Grim Reaper, summon a [Shadow] to deliver a powerful attack when an enemy is hit. Guaranteed Back. [Invincible] when casting. [Sweltering] buff
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