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Found 8 results

  1. I always get errors like this every time I finish the dungeon, I get an error like this after the daily reset, before and yesterday I never experienced anything like this.
  2. Hello everyone, so I just downloaded the game and I can not log im This is the error -
  3. The current "server time" on web page, is showing the current time of the visitor, not the server 🤔 Image
  4. I cannot connect to server if I dont use vpn, but my wifi is in good condition. I'm in Indonesia.
  5. So, I've been trying to login for a long time and I keep getting "Failed to connect to server" Does anybody knows how to fix this or I just have to keep trying?
  6. Hello i just downloaded the game and when i got inside it, it gave me the server list and as the name of the topic suggests it was empty. So no server for me to connect to, is this just me or is anyone else having this problem too. Thank you. Edit: i just took a screenshot for better understanding, i guess
  7. When will Tina be available? I've looked at several posts in the forum but always say the same thing that we wait patiently. It would be good if you told a date more or less than when you will put it, because people have a lot of hype with that personage (including me). Tina is life.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if it wouldn't be quicker to just make a new server? (for your information i have no experience with this whatsoever) it's just that I'm surprised it takes so long, or is it not server related? P.s. this is not me asking whats going on I'm just interested in getting some info on: if this would be possible / feasible. Thanks in advance.
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