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Found 8 results

  1. I noticed in some point after an update they changed Soma's Spring Fairy Cardigan [A] looks. It looked more stylized now, since it made her look a bit fat before. But with that, a dead frame appeared and it has been driving me crazy since then https://gyazo.com/764584d1a43108aec77187754ab0aae4 It happens on every single bottom I try, it doesn't matter if it is skirt, pants or shorts, so I'm pretty sure it's the top's issue The problem remains even on her same set bottom, the Soma's Spring Fairy Skirt [A] It doesn't matter the posture or light you use, the dead frame is still there her top without cardigan, Soma's Spring Fairy Dress [A] works perfectly fine
  2. while i have set Soma's skills for Pve, i haven't set the Pvp and i have an urge to play Pvp today. i have about 495 skill points for the pvp section and i haven't levelled up anything and i'm currently at level 69 about to level up to 70, and i'm already a special agent. could someone tell me a good skill build for Soma at Pvp? the passive and the active ones please ?
  3. i heard that agile core or brutal core is best for Soma. What's the difference between agile/brutal core??? and what about the trinkets and modules? what are the best sets? (for planar gate and so on) ( sorry i'm asking a lot because i'm a newbie ) maybe if possible a screenshot? thanks
  4. Hello, i need help with Soma's equipment . like what kind of core is best for her (hammer,swords ,etc) , and is she Chase and Back attacker? i also need help with building skills, like which is most used or not ,etc i'm searching equipments and skills that would be useful for Plane Gate and future missions :>> thanks for reading
  5. Any explanation? Accidentally found this when looking the shop.. (it picked my interest) (I cant post the pict here, idk why, sorry) https://imgur.com/a/bCy6qCU
  6. Hey guys, I'm a returning player. Haven't played since it's was just Seha to Nata playable. That being said, I and my GF are playing Wolfgang and Soma respectively, and I'm wondering; When do their level thresholds mix? We're both level 51, and still can't group. Constantly getting that "A player can't join this room" or whatever, notice. I'm paraphrasing of course. What do?
  7. if i save this box, and later soma will be release, can be use on her? sry for my bad english x.x
  8. New Year = New resolution, It's the first of march and I cant wait to discover the news about the next sweet patch @Violet, Like you know Agents/Players Love SneakPeeks, Thats keep the game more Alive, Just can you confirm 1 of the 3 chars to revive my flame ?
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