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Found 3 results

  1. i have a plan to make my hybrid vio build for both of her penetration rate up to 100%(or close to 100%), will my violet give full damage like seha did to enemy boss?
  2. i know many of you are already experts and whatnot so i am here to shamelessly beg. please, for the love of all the phase users, what are the various stats, hidden or not, in this game. there are stats that are blatantly clear, like cooldown reduction and sp cost reduction, but what about other stats, and most importantly, do we have stat caps? i just inserted a back attack amp in nata the other day and sweeped the hunters night sector like im walking in my backyard. so im quite surprised at how it is calculated, but then i have many other questions, in the official server, skill cd is capped at 40, but i already have 70 here in private server. so i really need stat descriptions, stat caps and of course, if there are hidden stats, please say so. i may be just ranting but i think the reason why this game is underrated and underappreciated is its lack of clarity and transparency. like, what dafuq does defense penetration do? because if crit ignores defense then this stat is entirely useless. or maybe this game had caps but don't show it? my nata has high skill cd reduction and sp cost reduction but i can't feel it. i can see it on the profile, but i can't feel it during battle. like i had to resort to zzzz just to wait for the skill to have color. even though im spamming pots i still have to wait for some skills.... or is it that some skills are unaffected by cooldown reductions? like i said, no clarity, and here i am bursting with questions... so i'm begging any expert, to give me/us, a bit of clarity on this topic... oh and for this server not for the official server, though i highly appreciate it if you can give us differences like, in the official server, there is a cap but in code closers there is no cap. something like that... please and thank you!
  3. Basically i'm curious, if having the highest "P.DMG/M.DMG Per second" means having the highest damage output. I've completed the brilliant PG set, 3 set phantom singer and 5 set ghost dancer for my Yuri, but when I equip the 5 set ghost dancer I actually lose around 3k in both P.DMG/P.DMG Per second. Reason being is i'm trading the set 3 set effect from the lamb keeper area for the 5 set effect from brilliant ghost dancer. I don't know if the "P.DMG/M.DMG Per second" calculates stats related to chase/aerial/back and monster types. But what are your thoughts on this?
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