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Found 3 results

  1. I'm having a problem where the game would become not responding whenever I enter any dungeons from any hub area. Chronogically describing what happens, it would look like this: 1. I press the Enter Dungeon button 2. Game shows loading screen, but only for 1 frame (I know it's for exactly 1 frame because the "Warning Closers Line Do Not Cross" thing doesn't get to move at all) then the game froze. Upon checking task manager it says the game is Not Responding. 3. After waiting for a while (how long it stays not responding varies between dungeons), the game continues as if nothing happened, and dungeon loading progress begins to show. The dungeon can be played normally as well. 4. This happens for PvP loading as well. Oddly, this doesn't happen when I enter a dungeon via Retry from inside the dungeon after clearing it. At first I thought everyone had this problem, since the last MMORPG I played (Elsword) also enters not responding state everytime it shows loading screen and everyone has it in that game. I just discovered that this was an abnormality after voice chatting with a friend while playing and he was baffled by my awful loading time. This is a big problem for party play, as the time the game stays Not Responding becomes WAY longer. For Example in Contamination Hell, if I enter solo, the time to wait for the game to recover is ~30 seconds (never actually measured this, just an estimate), while in party play I had to wait for ~3 minutes until my game recovers from its not responding state. Send help or I play solo forever Things I tried: - Reinstalling - Diagnose via game launcher (it doesn't say anything wrong) - Playing in windowed/fullscreen - Turning off NVIDIA Overlay - Closing all other applications except background windows stuff - Lowering game setting as low as possible - Adding Closers folder to exception list in windows defender (no other antivirus) and turning Firewall off A few years ago I played this game (no friends lul) too in my country's server on my older computer and it had this problem too, exactly the same. Now I am playing this game with a different computer and I have the same thing happening. The only thing kept from the old computer is its Drive D:, which isn't even used for Closers since I installed the game into an external. For years I thought this was normal and only today I found out it's not. I even searched every english forum with keyword "not responding" and no one had this exact problem. I don't know how to fix this but at least I know the problem isn't in the computer. Here's my spec anyway Intel i5-7600 @3.5GHz 64 bit 8GB RAM NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050Ti
  2. Just like the title says at the beginning I can play Closers as usual but after ~1hr it always drops to ultra low fps to the point it's hard to walk. It doesn't matter what I do with the game, If I play dungeons it happens, it even happens if I afk in town for too long. It started happening just today (I'm sure I played 1hr+ yesterday without closing the game) even though there's no patch, I dunno what caused it or when specifically. I tested 1 hour afk-ing the game while watching youtube/anime on chrome and fps drops to 2 FPS in less than 1hr. However, I can fix this by just closing the game and launching again. I also have the problem of the game not responding everytime I enter a dungeon from town specifically (doesn't happen when I repeat dungeon from inside the dungeon), dunno if this is helpful to clue what's wrong. This problem is a big turnoff for me because now I have to restart the game every hour. Help appreciated, I'm new here so if the solution is obvious please forgive Things I tried but didn't work: Turning off Nvidia overlay; On/Off-ing Vsync; On/Off-ing HDR in game; turning off all settings that is related to visual effects; reinstalling game; playing with only discord open (usually I open emulator and chrome too); Intel i5-7600 @3.5GHz 64 bit 8GB RAM NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050Ti
  3. It has no animations all the characters / npc are in their 3D model missing parts in the ect maps.but the game runs. https://goo.gl/photos/eFcBEeoycP4AFtmT6
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