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Found 10 results

  1. Tina's Heat Shot skill cube are not being learned except for the Option. Have tried re-learning the skill but it still fails. Nevermind , already found the reason. Was using puri core.
  2. Hello eh i have one question: Tina Ex Skill Thunderbolt Dont give "Overheat" Its a bug? or i do it wrong? Without these charges i cant use "Ex Skill Sharp Shooting" Any solution?
  3. There is a glitch that has been bothering me lately. Usually happens when i'm using Tina. Intermittent when im using Harpy. The issues listed below is based on occurrence frequency: 1. The problem first begins when I go into Guro Station, at Department Store Exterior to Skyscraper Rooftop. Most of the time when in party and sometimes solo, I am unable to load into the dungeon (Clicked start and the game hangs. When it starts to load normally, it failed to transport me into the dungeon and just throw me back to town) 2. I try to re-enter dungeon, and a graphic glitch happen (SS on t
  4. Can someone help me? i dont know if this is bug. i cant upgrade Tina's kraken automatic rifle but i have enough common phase fiber to upgrade it. Anyone who knew this problem?
  5. How do you guys feel about Tina? Is she possibly too OP? Every time I just get flinched into the air, followed by a literally endless hail of bullets in the back....where is the counterplay? If you can give me any tips and tricks it would be very helpful!
  6. Hi, my name is Natsu and i'm from Brazil, also sorry for my bad english. So i started to play Closers, because my Friend plays in Korean server and i loved the game, remind me Tera Online (i don't know why but remind me). Good, i already indroduced myself, now i can explain why i need help of everyone. I need help, because i'm stuck in Plane Gate with my Tina and i can't do anything without help of another people Lvl 77 or something like that, because my items sucks. Core: Module: Reciever: Shield: Costume: Not only are my items are bad,
  7. For some reason when you talk to the NPC as Tina relating to Main Story Quest or Main Episodes they do not have any dialogues or speak to you it just either accept quest, for side quest it works fine you have small talk or the NPCs have dialogue, in other words on other characters before you accept main story quest or main episodes they seem to tell you whats going on or do this and that before accepting the main quest but in Tina's case there is no dialogue but meanwhile they do have dialogue in side quest. (There is no dialogue for Tina at all I also tried deleting my Code Closers file and r
  8. When will Tina be available? I've looked at several posts in the forum but always say the same thing that we wait patiently. It would be good if you told a date more or less than when you will put it, because people have a lot of hype with that personage (including me). Tina is life.
  9. I might sound stupid but how do I get Tina? I just installed the game and I don't see her on the character creation screen. I also don't see Violet either. Do I need to be a certain level to get them? Or what?
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