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Found 8 results

  1. Hey Code:Closers Peeps .w. if you played Void, you may know me as KickYaFace/Nakurai, (hey sisters) After weeks of being asked to join C:C by my friends, i gave in. now here I am making this thread. I look forward to getting to know the community and the weird BM, Used to play on KR, but it sucks being alone , thus the reason I joined C:C. I'm a wheelchair main, but dont worry yuri squad, once the buffs come we slay <3~ if you like yaoi we are alrdy one step closer to be friends. PS: counts too if you love bayonetta/nier universe uwu~
  2. The 4 set effect of the extreme gear says that yuri's special moves are leveled up by 1 yet it seems like the EX skills and Rank 4 Special move are the skills that leveled up. Is the text just misleading or is it supposed to level up the special moves? 2 set 3 set supposed 4 set
  3. Hello, I was getting my Yuri, when I went to the NPC to enhance, after closing the NPC tab, my character was stuck, I tried to close the game and open again, go to the guild, special missions and nothing solved https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/screen_capture_2018-04-10_14-52-59-932-png
  4. Just that, i've created other pjs but i want an hybrid, and i cant choose between seha and yuri. Who is better and why? who is funniest and why? who is more powerfull and why? i want to know all of those thing, thanks for the help
  5. TaiDono

    Yuri AMA

    Hi, I've been playing Yuri for a couple of years now and she's my favorite character in Closers. I know just about everything there is to know about her and I'm very willing to answer your guys' questions. I main KR and probably won't play on this server but I'm always up to help with calculations and stuff. Without further ado, ask me anything you want to know about Yuri!
  6. Lizbelle

    Tips for Yuri?

    Currently approaching max level, and most of my skills are randomly allocated. Which skills should I invest in? Which equipment should I look for? And in general, where should I grind for optimal rewards?
  7. I cant access the Dragon Palace Very Hard it always stop loading at 71% is the problem from the server itself?
  8. Hey, the title should sum up the thread, but this should ideally help new friendly Yuri players to learn how to play her with more relative ease. Watching the videos and testing the hypothetical situations / specs in this thread should be informative and useful as a reference. Good luck! I'll start -
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