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[CODE: Closers] Day 1 Introduction

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Welcome to CODE: Closers - The First International Closers Online Experience!



DAY #1: Fresh Recruits for New Seoul's Camp - [T/S//CLASSIFIED]



Welcome to CODE: Closers recruit! On your first day at base camp you will learn all of the basics and inner-workings of our operations.

What is CODE: Closers?


CODE: Closers is the first International Closers private server, and the first Closers release in the West.
Our team of field experts will maintain and regularly analyse, upgrade, improve, update and revamp
both official and custom  content to tailor your experience!

As an agent, despite your status, you have a voice - and your voice matters.
We want to provide you with the optimal Closers experience and we are here to stay.
We want to hear all of your opinions, suggestions and ideas to improve every aspect of it.

Overall? CODE: Closers is not the average camp.
We are well funded, extremely experienced and fully dedicated towards what we do.

Stick around and find out for yourself-- we hope you enjoy your stay, recruit!

Where is CODE: Closers located?


CODE: Closers is hosted on several high-end specification dedicated servers,
most of which are located in several countries within Western Europe.
Some of them are however located in

All dedicated servers we maintain have a 10Gbit uplink, 128GB of RAM and octo-core Xeon E5-2650 processors,
all in order to provide the smoothest experience for you!


What do we have to offer?


Level Cap: 70
EXP Rate: 3x

Drop Rate: 3x
Credit Rate: 3x
Bit (Cash) Rate: 3x
7 agents including Levia
(Harpy, Tina & Violet will be gradually joining us when they complete their training!)
English Patch
(Quest-lines and a few other translations are still in development and being finalized!)
Zones up to, and including, Lambs Keeper Bridge
Union Arena: 3v3, 1v1
Rookie Arena
Pet System
Union Watch
Gamepad Support
and much, much more!


Custom Content


First and foremost, remember that you have a voice, recruit! If there is something you think we should be doing differently,
head down to our [Suggestions] segment and file a report!

We analyse all of your data thoroughly and make collaborative decisions based on reports.



0x00. New Recruit's All-In-One Briefcase bHXkOPh.png

You have created your profile and you are now officially a recruit!
As such, you will be granted the AIO Briefcase,

by completing the Black Lamb "EP01. First Mission" or Wolfdog "EP01.Sweeper Unit Wolfdog" mission!


It contains the following...

Union Academy Costume (B)
Mephisto Weapon Costume Box (3 Days)
Mephisto Wing Costume Box (3 day)
Revive Capsule x 50
HP Rapid Recovery Capsule x 75
Instant MP Capsule Ver 3.0 x 75
Instant Dual Recovery Capsule Ver 3.0 x 50
Day Academic and Money Luck Integrated Talisman x1 

Use your supplies wisely recruit!


0x01. CODE: Closers Custom Rates Buff

The CODE: Closers buff will provide you with permanent triple EXP, Drop & Credit rates in-game.


 0x02. Custom Enhancement Revamp

When you use fuels to upgrade gear from +0 all the way up to +12, it will NOT initialize, destruct or contaminate.

0x03. Black Market & Trading Changes

The trading level limit has been decreased from level 35 down to 10.
The minimum and maximum credit trade limit in the black market and standard trading has been lifted.
You will also locate the
Small Credit Loan [10mil] available at every merchant
which assists you in trading of 
larger volume credits.

0x04. Circle Changes

You will no longer receive penalty for leaving or disbanding circles.
In addition to that, when your circle gets to level 5, you can now invite up to 100 members!

0x05. Cash Shop items in town merchants

Energy Drink
Healthy Drink
Skill Tickets

They are all available for purchase with credits from the general merchants in every town.
0x06. Donation System & Rates

Our rate is roughly 3-4x cheaper than official Publishers.
For detailed information on rates and how to purchase Bits, follow this [Guide].

0x07. Gacha System Maintenance

Our Gacha currently features the Bunny Set and will be updated on a periodical basis!

YAbkbYQ.gif  sfHlyrG.gif


Orientation Materials

For the naysayers and skeptics of the existence of our camp, we have compiled orientation materials to aid our proof!







That is all for now recruit. Don't get caught and trust your gut.
Good luck!

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