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How to....trade?

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So I've been trying Lee Bitna's gacha and got some costumes which are not for my character. ( = 3 =;)

I know trading costumes directly are not possible (yet) and the only way is via Black Market.

What if me and my friend have the costumes we're looking for? We can't trade with each other, so we'll just register the costumes on the board and buy them when it appears? What if someone gets it? And we don't have much Gold since we're just starting ( = 3 =;)   :depressed:

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2 minutes ago, ✪ αєgιѕ ✪ said:

Trading costumes directly is not possible and will never be possible, as stated by Violet. What I suggest you do is put it up on the board for the lowest prices, wait like 1~2 hours (it takes 20 minutes for the items to show up) and right then you can buy each other's pieces and trade each other the credits back.

That's really the only possible way of "trading"

Oh well that sucks ; w ;

It's also kinda risky if I do it with strangers. Scenarios like "what if I put my piece on the board and he didn't put his piece then he bought mine." Pretty much of a gamble. :depressed:

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1 minute ago, ✪ αєgιѕ ✪ said:

Oh, I was assuming you trusted each other considering you called this other person a "friend" in your first post?

And It is a gamble tbh. Your other option is to wait and see if we are allowed to trade :c

Yes I got a friend (IRL) playing the game as well. We can do what you suggested. I just gave a scenario if I were to trade with a stranger.

If gachas were character specific then it won't be a problem. (unless they're gonna add more unusable items)

Oh well, might as well try the gacha again. Hopefully RNG Goddess will bless me :depressed:

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