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Field Officer Applications

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Greetings Agents!

We will be opening applications for our Field Officer positions in staff!

These applications will be open from September 21st, 2020 to September 30th, 2020 and will be taken through Forum DMs to me!

So please be sure to follow all instructions below and send message over to @Harpy to submit your application.

Applications submitted after the time frame will not be accepted, and those that do not follow the instructions may also be discarded as well!



Criteria (what we look for in a Field Officer):

  • Being active in both the game and the forums.
  • Being aware of the CODE:Community guidelines and not been banned or warned by any member of staff.
  • Being open and willing to enforce the game rules, help out when needed and assist the other staff and other players when needed.
  • Being open to share your ideas and help shape the patches that you play on!
  • Being fluent in English and active on discord for the sake of staff discussions.
  • Have knowledge of Code:Closers or be willing to learn.


Tasks of a Field Officer (but not limited to):

  • Assist players, especially new ones, with questions and anything involving C:C!
  • Enforce community guidelines and report them using proper methods to superior staff
  • Assist superior staff with patch work, including testing and planning
  • Run events either on the forums or in-game


Application Format:

In the subject line of the message, please format it as: FO Application - Ingame Name


Answer the following questions within the body of the message:

# Character names:
# Circle(s):
# Age:
# Country and Timezone:
# Languages:
# Availability per day:

# Do you have anything that would interfere with your position here? (Work, school, etc)
# Why would you want to be part of our team?
#  Why do you think you should be one?
#  What do you have to offer?
#  Do you consider yourself as a team player and why?
# How would you handle pressure from your staff peers and community?
# How would you separate your personal life from your staff position?
# What would you do in a situation of disagreement with superior staff?
# What do you think you will be doing on daily basis as part of our team? What would be your priority in activities?

# What is your Discord name?


Please also keep an eye on your forum messages as well. If I have any additional questions I'd like to ask you, I will ask them there!

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