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im here just to bid my farewell, though i never did my introduction properly since the beginning :me:


life is full of surprise indeed, the person you trust the most could become your biggest enemy too haha
that was what happening to me, they came to me on August then ruined my fun
i was still around for a month after that, but as expected staying here on this server is difficult for me
too many memories and there are so many kind people, im so grateful
feel free to think however you want for what was happening to my account
i'll be just saying, be careful on who you should trust 😛
PS: i heard someone said something about me just because i've got +17 right after enhancement's revamp maintenance, that was pure me whaling on events where you could practically "buy" warp fragments ✌️ and i bought lots of vaccine from cash shop
this backstab happened on 2 months ago , dgmw 

thank you for people who ever supported me 😛
that was a fun and long journey (since February 14th, 2017)
goodbye and have fun ~

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We're glad you stuck around this long! We're also sorry to hear someone has ruined your time here on C:C.
I wish you the best of luck and if you ever decide to rejoin at any point we'll welcome you again with open arms!!

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Goodbye. It was nice to meet you years ago when I was part of Luminiera! Good luck in your future :)

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