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1x60 The Debt Collector!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 

There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!

We do expect this maintenance to be a long one, so please keep an eye on our chatbox and discord for the ping when the server is back online!


We appreciate everyone's patience with this patch!
It was one of the most complicated updates we have had to do and proved to be one of the hardest.

From countless game breaking bugs to a sea of unknown issues, we managed to work our way through it to a state we're comfortable to release in.

While we tried our best to grab all bugs that we could find, we are aware there may still be some lingering. If you happen to find a bug, please be sure to report it in our Bug Report section with all information you can possibly give for it!

With this patch, we will be moving to a 64 bit client!
The 32 bit client is no longer supported and 32 bit systems will no longer be able to run Code:Closers. Full support of the 32 bit client will be dropped, and the game will only be patched with a 64 client.

Please make sure you have the 2010 Visual C++ Redistributable Packge (x64) downloaded and installed on your machine to ensure a smooth transition!
You can find the link to it

It's also highly recommended to download the Direct X Runtime files from Microsoft here as well.



- Eunha (Knives) is now available!

-  New Starting Areas and New Sectors are now available for Eunha!

- Dimensional Ops Center has been updated to Wyrm Ruins!

All players that have logged off in this map have been transfered to Planar Gate!

- Tiamat has been updated and changed to Wyrm's Nightmare!

- Fog Erosion is now available in Guro Station, Hunter's Night, and Gangnam District!

- The Cash Shop has been reworked from the ground up, adding new packages/items for characters, remaking old ones and updating all singular costumes and accessories for all characters.

- Chips have been completely reworked and changed!

Old chips (excluding Legion Commander) have been removed and refunded a base amount of the new origin chips.
Details about this can be found further below!

- Pets have been completed reworked!
All pets are now account based, can be dismantled and star upgraded!

- Several Character have had a skill rebalance!
Full changes of these official rebalance can be found here.

- Beezlebub Raid 1 is now opened on Wednesday and Fridays instead of Mondays and Wednesdays

- Team Challenge has now been disabled and removed.

- Babel is now available in Planar Gate up to tier 20!

- The Black Market will now preview costumes!

- Dark Command Mirae, Chulsoo and Eunha are now available!

Note: We are aware Eunha's Dark Command Camera may not work properly when completing a sector.

- Mileage Point store has been added!
This can be accessed through the Cash Shop by clicking the "M" in the bottom left corner!
Points for this shop can be obtained through Login Rewards and Events!

- Absolute Code has been removed from the Gacha
More information as to why can be found below in the Gacha section!




Eunha, the Debt Collector has entered Code:Closers!

Having entered the Scrap Yard with the help of Smugglers, Eunha searched for her target, only to discover a community of people in need of rescuing.

Though she dislikes violence, would she take up her knives to protect the innocent people of this poisonous land?


Eunha will start at level 67 upon creation!
Resolver is available on release!
Rattus Characters do not have promotion quests like all other characters. You must do the story line to promote!



Chips have seen a massive rework and change!

All chips left in your chip inventory have been converted into Origin Chips and all chips left in your gear have been removed.

Legion Command Chips that were in your inventory are unaffected. Chip boxes will automatically be updated to contain Origin Chips.

The rates that each conversion from old -> new origin chips can be found in the spoiler below! They follow similar exchange rates that KR used with an increase to the amount the smaller chips gave.

Due to the nature of the original 0.0001 exchange for Colorless chips, we have decided NOT to convert them into origin. Only 5 people had enough to transfer into 2-3 origin chips, and only 35 had enough to transfer into 1 singular chip. Rather then tack on the extra few hours it'd take for the database to clean them out and update it, we decided its best to skip it, and say you can now discard these items!


Chip Name -> Origin Chip Amount

Colorless chip -> NOT EXCHANGED
Broken  chip
->  0.0001
Old chip
->  0.0013
Standard chip
-> 1
New chip
Latest chip
-> 1
Dual chip
-> 2    
Platinum chip/Chance chip
-> 2
Dual plat: Red Aerial
-> 23.8599
Dual plat: Blue Aerial
-> 17.7624
Dual Plat: Yellow Aerial
-> 20.6786
Dual Plat: Green Aerial
-> 16.7019
Dual Plat: Purple Aerial
-> 60.9752
Dual Plat: Black Aerial
-> 25.1854
Dual Plat: Dark Aerial
-> 25.1854
Dual Plat: Red Back attack
-> 19.6181
Dual Plat: Blue Back attack
-> 13.2555
Dual Plat: Yellow Back Attack
-> 13.7867
Dual Plat: Green Back attack
-> 10.6044
Dual Plat: Purple Back Attack
-> 39.7665
Dual Plat: Black Back Attack
-> 25.4506
Dual Plat: Dark Back Attack
-> 25.4506
Dual Plat: Red Chase
-> 16.1735
Dual Plat: Blue Chase
-> 9.2789
Dual Plat: Yellow  Chase
-> 10.3393
Dual Plat: Green Chase
-> 6.6278
Dual Plat: Purple Chase
-> 22.0041
Dual Plat: Black Chase
-> 14.0509
Dual Plat: Dark Chase 
-> 14.0509




Harpas has appeared in Planar Gate!

He's landed to protect his fields from pesky Closers that aim to destroy them...! Or... is it the other way around...?
Either way, this little crow themed boss is here for his special Halloween run!

Duration: October 28th, 2020 -> November 16th, 2020

2 different sectors will be avaliable for the duration of this event!
All dungeon entries are
ACCOUNT based and can only be entered a certain amount per day.

Harpas entrance can be found in Planar Gate!

Enter both of these sectors to collect Halloween Coins to turn in for various rewards like the new C:C exclusive Ghoul's Feast Lens (created by @Icarus) or the Eunha Welcome Portrait (shown above and created by @[FO] Viruska)!








Magic Shuffle is now available!
This set is available for all characters, including Eunha!



Urban Warrior is now available!
This set is available for all characters except J, Misteltein, Wolfgang, Luna, Soma, Levia



A permanent pet gacha is now available!


In Wonderland and Lovely Lace will finish out original rotation run and will be removed next week!




3 Limited Edition Packages will be available for Halloween only in the Cash Shop!
Grab the Midnight Noble, Halloween Night and Nightmare set while you still can!

Once the halloween event is removed on the 16th, these packages will leave the store till next year!



As mentioned above, we have decided to remove Absolute Code from the Gacha.

Back with the Busan patch, the back end code of the cash shop was completely changed from the ground up. The way the shop worked, the way the gacha worked, the way everything worked had changed and been remade.

The system in it's current form, once it moved into the Cash shop, did not support a universal win item like the system with Bitna. Soma did a bandaid fix to get it to work, and continued to apply that fix with each patch, but it slowly started  to get more complicated with each new major patch to re-add.

Now with this patch, the cash shop's code was again changed and reworked. Upon seeing this, we felt it was best to finally retire this function with this patch then to continue to apply bandaid fixes. While the idea of it was good in theory, it was executed poorly, and had become something we hesitated to update because of this. While we discussed a possible revamp, we ourselves could not trust to do it without making the same mistakes of the past staff.  AC had strayed from it's original purpose of being a bonus to the gacha and became a place where people waited and expected all rare costumes to go eventually.

While we know there will be some people upset with this change, we would rather retire a system that we have no intention of updating then leaving it completely dead in the water.

The current 4/4 boxes that are listed for Absolute Code crafting will be placed as full boxes in the gacha at a higher rate then the Shining Star Accessories.

The current AC craft will remain as it is until it's removal on Novemeber 16th. Any unused Absolute Code will be made redundant.




There are a few bugs we are aware of as of release:

- Selecting Multiple Pets to disassemble or Enchant will not highlight the pets you're selecting.
While this bug exists, please be cautious when disassembling!
Please LOCK your important pets so they are not incorrectly destroyed!


- Eunha's Dark Command may have a few bugs regarding animations and sector exiting camera.
We are aware of these and they will be fixed at a later date.



We hope all of our Agents have a safe and wonderful rest of the week!


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