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1x62 A Ghoul's Goodbye!

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- A new recolor: Windbreaker has been added and is now available in the Gacha!

- The Halloween Event NPC has been removed

- The box given at the end of the dungeon have been removed and replace with it's usual warp Fragment

- Code: Foundation (Absolute Code) crafting has been removed as was mentioned in patch 1x60

- A few items have been temporarily removed from the Mileage Store
These items like the Vaccines, Drivers, etc will return when a non-tradeable version can be made for it. While we could've easily made the change now, we need to test to be sure the functionality of the items still remain.

- Busan no longer requires a completed quest to enter
Level 83 is still required

- Updated Tiamat crafting for Scapula of Mutant and Rake Wings of Shadow
Both now require Wyrm's Eye instead of the old material.



- Various Translations, Quests, UIs, Area/Sectors and NPCs have been vastly updated and changed!




- Seth, Chulsoo, Mirae and Eunha's Camilla set can now be traded

- Updated 2019 Halloween Lens and 2019 Halloween Lens for Mirae

- Updated Custom Ice Elf Accessory to work on Eunha

- Mini Soma Pet Container should no longer disconnect you when attempting to open

- Fixed Eunha's Dark Commander animations

- Fixed Mirae's Underwear on Urban Warrior and Nightmare Costumes
They should now be in the proper place! 😅

- Fixed missing Ice Elf Portrait on Chulsoo

- Fixed an issue where Gremory's portal wasn't showing on Eunha

- Fixed the Golden Credit Burner Accessories for Eunha
She should now be able to properly wear them!

- Various Misteltein wings have been reposition to better fit on his model




Starlight Dreamer is now available!
This set is available for: J, Harpy, Tina, Wolfgang, Soma, Eunha!


Windbreaker: Recolor is now available!
This set is available for: Seha, Seulbi, Yuri, Misteltein, Levia, Bai





- We are aware some of the rankings may not be giving out the rewards properly and it will be addressed in a later patch!

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