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Hello, I would like to ask about the story voices. They seems to be missing from most (or all, didn't test) characters.

I tried to resolve it by myself, but didn't succeed, I was able to successfully replace voices of existing voice lines (using japanese files) but I didn't succeed in adding new voice lines. It seems like the files are not properly linked or something.

Anyway back on topic, is there a way to get all story voices into the game and additionally - is there a reason why they are not in the game, is it because it would be too much work to do it?

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Story voices from what I'm told are only available in KR and for good reason. They add roughly around 4.5GB to the client size and generally increase the amount of memory the game uses to index them all so generally speaking they're bad for the game to have.

However, I might look into maybe the possibility of a manual patch that will allow people to optionally download this but again they would be in Korean language and take up around 4.5GB of harddrive space extra.

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