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Question about purchasing PGC:

Has anyone purchased PGC through this payment method called "MINT"? I'm trying to buy PGC but they only show 2 different payment options which I do not have access to. I've contacted the customer support and they basically replied saying that the payment wall is "region based". I've clicked on MINT's site and it was pretty sketchy - to me at least. Say I want to purchase 5$ PGC and I need to pay through MINT, it asks for a 16 digit code. If I don't have MINT yet, they ask me to "purchase it". PGC purchase value is in MINT as well but the reason I'm paranoid is because I might have to pay TWICE. One on the PGC site and the other on MINT. Help ?? 

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I will say MINT is a trusted purchase vendor if its done through Paymentwall! They fully vet all that is shown and if there's ever a problem, PGC and Paymentwall are there to help sort it.

The way it works though, is you buy the pin through the MINT website and they'll email you the pin. Once you have that pin, you can go back to PGC's website, click on the MINT option through the purchase tab and select the value of the pin card you purchased and also select the currency that the card was purchased in. As I look over the website, MINT offers a $3 pin while PGC does not accept that value, so I would steer clear from that option. Use only values that PGC is listed to accept through MINT.

If you buy a $10 MINT Pin, that should (I cannot be certain myself since I haven't tried purchasing through MINT, and its only speculation - there may be additional/other processing fees I do not know about) value to a $10 PGC when entered back on the website. There's no actual purchases or payments that happen on PGC through MINT, as its all prepaid cards/pins that are entered and used for that payment method. You can see their simplified process of how it actually goes about on their website here: https://www.mintprepaid.com/use


Long story short: Mint is a prepaid card and you will not be asked to pay again on PGC when using it.

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