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Lucy's skill tune

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Her V skill seems to have few requirements to work properly:

- her Lucy Power! needs max stack to deal full dmg (~30k% depending on BAT passive lvl and other stuff),
- you need to use certain skills to stack her buff (which might require higher attack speed and low cooldown to work),

It seems to be worth tuning, but I'd wait with testing till it comes to Code:Closers since numbers on paper are not the same as in game.
Keep in mind that in case of tuning Nergal opens his eyes (broken translation for V skill) you should also tune for BAT in eyes and receiver (it scales with FM too).
KR did change her V last time, now making it a powerful skill due to fact her additional buffs are not removed anymore after using Lucy Power!

About other skills, there's Resolver skill called "Anu the Indomitable" (KR name: 불굴의 아누). People seems to tune it on modules + her FM3 on weapon on KR server.

PS. Icon references of her Resolver skill: 루시스킬10


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