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CODE: Closers 0x20 - Cool for the summer!

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NOTICE: Please note that the loyalty rewards are only going to be sent to the active accounts within the period of 14th June until 14th of July.

In order to receive compensation  you must have logged on to CODE: Closers atleast once.



Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


Before we dive in through these contents the CODE: Closers team is sincerely sorry for the
long period of time in which no update has been taking place. Unfortunately working on this latest patch
has been extremely intensive to the point it affected our flow of maintenances/updates for CODE: Closers.

We truly understand the pain of waiting on the unknown not even sure if something is about to arrive to begin with.
We got stuck on whether to give out our frequent updates while pushing away the big content patch away or invest all of our time in order to get this patch ready ASAP.

Starting this point onwards all of our updates should go back to their original state.

Not only that but we're actively taking these experiences with us to improve the future patches/updates.

Our main focus right now will be set on discussing player submitted suggestions with our staff roster, bring custom changes to the table while we're also preparing a summer event to arrive on CODE: Closers.


Due to our 1 week downtime that took place. CODE: Closers wants to send a little something as our token of apology for the inconvenience this downtime caused, this consists of 500 bits each.

Aside from the compensation we want to thank our playerbase who sticked with us through thick and thin.
As a thank you for your dedication to CODE: Closers we will send out a loyalty reward to  each account that has been active after the period in which our teaser has been shown. This Loyalty reward consists of 2000 bits.


- New character Tina

*Tina's Official crew promotion is now available.
*Tina's level cap is set at 77.
*Tina has access to area 7 (Munition Factory)
*Tina's Brilliance of Darkness set is now available.
*Tina's Starter pack rewards are present.
*Tina's Kindergarten set is now available under CODE: Fusion

- "Protect Gangnam!" event has been removed.
- "Protect Gangnam!" craftable section has been removed.
- Level cap increased to 77.
- Seulbi's Special Agent promotion is now available.
- Levia's Special Crew promotion is now available.
- A new area is now available! Brace yourselves for Munitions Factory.
- "Infinite Elevator" special dungeon is now available.
- Raid "Area of the ancient beast" & "Throne of Abyss" are now available.
- Portrait skin change feature is now available.
- Nightmare world: Abyss entries increased from 3 to 5 daily entries.
- New Plane gate gear is now available. (PG 75)
- New CODE: Closers exclusive Brilliance of darkness accessory "Aura of Brilliance" available in our gacha.
- New Gacha costume (Seha up to Harpy)
- New Tina exclusive Triple threat Gacha. (Tina exclusive)
- New Limited edition costume "Wedding" is now available for the duration of 2 weeks!
- New Costume "Runaway Patient" & "Friendly Nurse"
- CODE: Fusion craft requirement nerf. (Note that some items instead now hold a daily crafting limit)
- New limited edition pet sale! Mini Serra & Mini Trainer will now be available for the duration of 2 weeks!
- New visual slots expansions!


- Dust Conversion

*Quality of life change. We want our playerbase to find use in unwanted grains.
Thus we put out a little exchange in which you are able to exchange a blue grain for example to a yellow one etc.

- Fuel Conversion

*Quality of life change. Just like with the dust conversion we wanted to find use in the additional fuels you obtain in your CODE: Closers journey. Thus we made an exchange in which you are able to exchange the following:

*General Enhancement Fuel > Advanced Fuel enhancement
*Advanced Fuel enhancement > Super enhancement Fuel
*Super enhancement Fuel > Brilliant Enhancement Fuel

- Warehouse account-shareable items

*The following items are now able to be stored under our account based section within the bank.



Satan Cup
Queen's Hand Mirror
Dimension Coarse Dust
Condensed Dimension Dust
Amplified Dimension Dust
Coarse Crystal Dimension
Condensed Dimension Crystal
Amplified Crystal Dimension
Coarse Dimension Essence
Dimension Condensed Essence
Amplified Dimension Essence
Old Drawing Piece
Sealed Queen Eyes

- CODE: Contract
*New contracts have been made under the name of "CODE: Dossier" with the following value: 100.000.000

NOTE: The item description of the CODE: Dossier will ALWAYS state it's value.
Please hover over the description during transactions with other players to make sure it is all good.

- Tradeable items

*The following items are now made tradeable:


- Synchro Fiber
- Warranty Seal
- Network interference device
- Ordinary Jewel Equalizer
- Shining Jewel Equalizer
- Brilliant Jewel Equalizer
- UNION Gear Lubricant
- Low Power Equalizer
- Medium Power Equalizer
- High Power Equalizer
- Over Clock Equalizer
- High clock equalizer
- Slot-Type modifier
- Red Driver
- Blue driver
- Yellow driver
- Green driver
- Purple Driver
- Black Driver
- Chip protector
- Nutrition food

- Stats UI has been fixed.



The latest addition to wolfdog has finally arrived within the CODE: Closers base.
Tina is an absolute force to be reckoned with as Tina combines agility and powerful long range attacks to cease the enemies.





The special agent/crew promotion is an class advancement that boosts your characters existing power by enhancing your skills. Unlocking your special promotion grants you a bunch of passives, skills and a new finishing move.
You will have to follow a trial of quests in order to unlock this hidden power.

Special crew Levia:


Special Agent Seulbi:



NOTE: This gacha is only available from Seha up to Harpy.


This gacha will feature the following sets:

- Bunny Girl (C) & (D)

- Gothic Requiem (C) & (D)
- Military (A), (B) & (C)


A new permanent costume has made it's way to CODE: Closers!
This time it is the Friendly Nurse & Runaway patient set available in (A) (B) (C) within our UNION Store!

Friendly Nurse


Runaway Patient


Mini Serra & Mini Trainer made their way in CODE: Closers!


These pets will be available in our UNION store for the duration of 2 weeks!

SALE_BEGIN (07/14/17)
SALE_END  (07/28/17)




ECHO: This temporary sale will last for 2 full weeks starting the 14th of July.


SALE_BEGIN (07/14/17)
SALE_END  (07/28/17)


CODE: Closers exclusive Brilliance of darkness accessory "Aura of Brilliance" is now available in the gacha.



*We're aware of the missing textures in the very first dungeon of Area Gangnam GGV, these will be adjusted ASAP.

If you have found any bug please make sure to forward this to our 0x20 bughunting thread located [Here]

That's it for now agents!

CODE: Closers thanks you once again for staying with us despite the lack of updates for these last couple of months.
And for those that just came back and/or joined our server, we hope you will enjoy your stay with us once more.

We're looking forward to the future that hopefully involves all of you!

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