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Tina jp voice doko?

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10 minutes ago, Kurious said:

i believe the most updated, Tina jp voice youre going get is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX3LmNN-pCs, the jp voice file is in the description you just need to extract it to the C:C/DAT.  file, i tested it and it works on KR / C:C atm for me at least.



8 minutes ago, Jennasaur said:

Here's an up to date JP voice pack.



Thanks. This is what im searching for. :happyTina:

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2 minutes ago, Bias Hacker said:

Well I was gonna go to the JP server and extract the voices for you myself but it seems like the above post's version is pretty up-to-date already. Just use that and you should b good to go.

Well , u could just post that files here so that ppl might sees it or something. Feel free to drop it anyway.:happyLev:

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