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Code: Closers
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CODE: Closers 0x22 - Gacha rotation & More! - ONLINE

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


- New Gacha "Pirate" is now available.
- Summer vacation costumes are now tradeable.

This will only occur with newly created costumes. Current ones in game cannot be traded still.
- Skill tickets can now be deleted on J and Yuri.
- Specific items are now available for transfer via account warehouse.
- Daily crafting within the summer spectacle craftables is now available.

(This may apply the next day and not immediately).
- Introduction to one-piece costumes; "Gachaman Suit" is now available.
- Tina's missing premium starter pack with shin gang costume is now available.


Pirate (A), (B) & (C) is now available!




The following items are now able to be stored freely under the account warehouse.

- Nutrition Food
- Phase Lucky Token
- Red Light Token
- Blue Light Token
- Pure Anti-Dimensional Pressure Material
- Red and Black Flag


Costume suits are now available in CODE: Closers.  These are one-piece costumes that fully cover your entire outfit in something new. The only exception is your hair slot which will show the current hair you're wearing despite the one-piece being equipped.


Gachaman Suit is now permanently available in our UNION Store!




  - [FA]Lan will be unavailable for a certain amount of time due to their personal activities.
- The Summer Spectacle crafts section will remain available for a little bit longer after our summer event has been removed. This has been done so that the players that experienced a delay in the daily items due to the recent bug could catch up.

That's about it for now agents! Has your bug not been adressed? Or did you find anything new? Please make sure to report this in our Bughunting vault whether on the forums or our official Discord.

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