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Optimal Tuning for Costumes

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So I had time to make a thread about which tune to get for your class to maximize your Damage output, feel free to ask or post feedback.
Please Visit [FO] Nata's guide Here to get the full list of possible tuning since I will only be covering which best stats for specific types to get.


Optimal Tuning for Costumes

1.  Hair & Hat 


- Phase Power Boost

- Attack Speed (Not applicable on Violet)*

- Phase Power Duration or Phase Power Charging Speed (Violet exclusive)*


2.  Weapon & Gloves


· Physical Type (Seha, J, Nata, Harpy, Tina)

o   Total Physical Damage

o   Physical Critical Damage


· Magic Type (Seulbi, Misteltien, Levia)

o   Total Magic Damage

o   Magical Crit Damage


· Hybrid Type (Yuri, Violet)

o   Hybrid type can try and roll any S rank or A rank if wanted, only need to aim is that stats are balance (ie. 2 physical 2 magical).

o   Total Phy/Mag Damage

o   Phy/Mag critical Damage


3. Shoes, Chest, Waist


· Every Class except TINA

o   Aerial Atk

o   Aerial Crit Damage

(*) note: you can mix this also go for pure crit damage bonuses since this aren’t affected by normalization.

o   Aerial Crit Damage + Back Crit damage

o   Aerial Crit Damage + Chase Crit damage (Violet Exclusive)


· Tina

o   Chase Atk + Chase Crit damage


o   Chase Crit Dmg + Back Crit damage


4. Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Leg


-  Skill Cooldown

-  Skill Resource Cost Reduction


5.Top, Bottom, Wings


-  Not much to cover here since this is the least needed to tune, I recommend only tuning these parts IF you already completed the other parts. For J mains get HP tune as your number 1 priority, other class can also get either HP tune + any other stats.


6. R effect


-   Let me explain this a little, in addition to stats you get Eyes/Ears/Mouth/Leg tune list, you can also get passive skills which is a lot better compared to CD or cost reduction (ie. Abc skill +1) so for the sake of dealing more damage lets go with passives instead.

-  For people who want to get benefits on both pve and pvp:

Physical/Magic damage +1

-  For people who want to focus on pve:

Physical/Magic Critical damage +1


7. L effect


- Ok R effect has a chance to roll all possible tuning stats on the list, but of course we don’t need all of them, there’s only 3 possible tunes here so let’s maximize which tune is best.


· Physical Types

o   Total Physical Damage

o   Physical Critical Damage

o   Aerial Critical Damage (except tina users)

o   Chase Critical Damage (Exclusive to Tina users only)


· Magic Types

o   Total Magic Damage

o   Magic Critical Damage

o   Aerial Critical Damage


· Hybrid Type

o   Physical Critical Damage

o   Magical Critical Damage

o   Aerial Critical Damage


(*) For a PvP hybrid build:

o   Total Physical Damage

o   Total Magic Damage

o   HP (or any other offensive tunes)


8. Combine


·  Locked skill of your class

·  Final move 3 of you class

List of Locked Skills and Final move 3 for specific class:





Important Notes

  • Make sure to get A or S rank on tunes, using B rank tunes is fine if your still low on funds.
  • Tina users could also put Heatshot +1 since its the strongest skill than tina can do with full stacks of Overheat and Freeze stacks, + the skill has 7 seconds cooldown so its spam-able. 
  • PVP users should focus on getting more raw total damage from L effect and R since there's a crit damage cap on pvp (about 200%), so adding more crit damage is redundant.


Okay time for some FAQ:

Q. Why you made this guide?
A. idk, just felt like it.

Q.Why is your name sounds like shoe?
A. Yes.


Q. Why did you only mention Aerial stats?
A. Tho Back and Chase give much more atk%, I'd like to set a situational attack stats wherein you can proc it 100% of the time.

Back only procs if you hit the back so if your good at doing it from behind then you can go with back tunes.

Chase only procs if you manage to lift the enemy on the air but that doesn't happen to bosses (unless skill force proc chase), and only tina has passive chase proc aslong as she hits from the ground

Aerial procs as long as you jump and use skills in the air 

Personally i find it better to get air tunes since you don't lose anything and you will always proc it 100% of the time just jumping up in the air and doing some combo (floor is lava) compared to chance back attack (except for nata) and chase which will never proc at all if you not tina or your skill doesn't force proc chase.


Q.Why did you exempt violet from attack speed tune?
A.Violet asserts her presence with a graceful appearance in any situation. 100% of Violet's air-related stats will also apply when on the ground. However, all of Violet's actions are not affected by attack speed, though debuff that reduce attack speed still affects her actions. So you see, violet has fixed attack speed, its redundant to put +atk speed at all.


Q.Why not movement speed for voilet?
A. Play violet, you will understand why later.

Q.Why did you not post a better tune build for nata? doesn't he proc more back attack from his skills?
A. Not a Nata main, i have 0% experience in nata forgive me about this. What I know is his SC fm 4 gives a buff that makes all your damage proc back attack, hence its better for Nata users to put in back tunes for higher damage gain.

Q.Why does Hybrid have separate tunes for pvp and pve?
A. Crit damage will give more benefit on pve, that said, on pvp there's hard crit damage cap about 200%, which means only raw tunes will benefit you when you pvp at that time.


Q.Why did you recommend HP tunes for J?
A. J efficiently converts his health power to fight in battle. Although J uses HP instead of MP, he recovers HP through normal attacks, and his Physical and Magical Damage increases by 3% of the maximum health. 5% of maximum health is also converted in to Physical and Magical Defense.


Q.Why didn't you mention Def pen?
A. You cap them later on with plat chips on your gears, its pretty much a stats that can easily be capped.


Q.Why didn't you recommend Situational passive for R effect?
A. There's a normalization for situational stats, that 1% might only be 0.4% when you get the +1 situational stats, better get either crit damage or raw since its WAY better than that.


Q.2. Wouldn't Aerial/Back/Chase (1%) > Raw phy/mag atk (15)? (thx to cruzerblade)
A. In pve yes, the situational would give better stats compared to raw atk but like I said on recommended, crit damage would be better (higher% and not affected by normalization) . Now in terms of PVP, there is a Hard cap on stats, meaning the situationals ABC will be completely useless along with crit damage due to hard cap. Raw Phy/Mag would be better to tune in if you wan't to benefit on both pve and pvp.

Q.Why did you choose atkspeed instead of PPR duration for other class beside Violet?
A. Attack speed affects how fast your skill animates to some degree, its really small difference if it only increase by 0.05 (ie. from 0.96 -> 1.01) but you will notice it if your atkspeed is around 1.16 or above later on when you run dg.

Q.Why didn't you recommend putting crit rate on tunes?
A. Later on end game you could cap crit rate to 100% (your base crit rate + situational crit rate depending on which stats you put more on), along with PNA (please refer here) and bonuses from gear so you won't have much of a problem. IF your total crit chance is 90% then you could probably get some Situational (aerial/back/chase) crit chance to fill up the gap since it won't be affected by normalization.


Q.Whats normalization?
A. You get lower stats after going past 50% on physical/magical crit rate, aerial/back/chase attack, phase power boost (don't mind this), any stats mention that already has 50% will receive lower stats gain from further additional stats.. (sample +10% chase on 52% chase = 55~57% chase atk)


Q.Whats the Hard Cap for PVP?
A. Hard Cap as follows:

  • Physical/Magical critical damage              = 200%
  • Cooldown reduction                                   =   40%
  • Physical/Magical damage reflection         =  15%
  • Situational critical damage                        =  15%
  • Percentage damage increase                    = 10%
  • Situational damage increase                     =  25%
  • Phase power release damage increase    = 30%



Q.Why Take Physical/Magical atk that only gives +15 raw?
A. It's not actually just 15, the raw is affected by Total Phy/Mag damage form Tunes on both Costume, Gears,Gear Enhancement and bonus stats on SC/SA.
sample picture: sccOnEI.png

Total stat gain gets higher depending on how high your enhance and tunes are, more or less 15 would be actually around 25~30+ raw.


~Special thanks to the people:

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