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CODE: Closers 0x27 - PvP Crafts Revamp, New Gacha & more!

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


-  Number of channels have been reduced on CODE: Closers.
-  You are now able to run dungeons without any prior restrictions of having to run certain difficulties.
NOTE: The only exception is if you're not in said level range.
- Limited Pet Promotion "Mini Celine" has been removed.
- New Gacha is now available.
- Certain CODE: Fusion items have received a crafts requirement nerf!
- New items have been added to CODE: Fusion.
- Certain PvP Craftables have been removed.
- Certain PvP craftables have received a crafts requirement nerf!
- New PvP craftables have been added!
-  Base costumes (acquired from CODE: Fusion) have been fixed.
NOTE: You are unable to upgrade these costumes.


 Finally it has arrived!
After thorough analysis we deemed that the incentive given to participate in PvP was just extremely dissapointing.
With that being said we brought in some changes through the crafts which would hopefully be appreciated.
We also decided to remove certain items deemed useless as a craft to make room for better goodies.

Please let us know what you think about these changes in our PVP Rework discussion thread located [Here]
We will evaluate all of the feedback given in that thread and see which tweaks would be needed.

Without further ado, the changes contain the following;


  • Brilliant enhancement fuel has been removed.
  • Formula of enhancement has been removed.


  • "Aura of jackpot" crafts requirements has been nerfed from 700 CODE: Trophy to 300.
  • "Plane Gate box III" crafts requirement has been nerfed from 1000 CODE: Trophy to 500.
  • "Plane Gate Box IV" crafts requirement has been nerfed from 1400 CODE: Trophy to 700.

New items:



The following items have been added to our PvP crafts section:

  • Powerful Costume Box
  • Low Power Tuning Component (Lv.1 ~ 20)
  • Medium Power Tuning Component (. Lv 21 ~ 40)
  • High Power Tuning Component (. Lv 41 ~ 50)
  • Over Clock Tuning Component (. Lv 51 ~ 60)
  • High Clock Tuning Component (. Lv 61 ~ 70)
  • Ordinary Jewel Component
  • Shining Jewel Component
  • Brilliant Jewel Component
  • Cos One Shot 12
  • Enhancement Level -1
  • Operation Area Freepass- Hall of Dragon
  • Operation Area Freepass- Replica dungeon
  • Free Pass Operation Zone - Nightmare World Type A
  • Operation Zone Free Pass - Nightmare World Type B
  • Free Pass - Abyss
  • Operation Zone Free Pass - [Raid] ByTess
  • Operation Zone Free Pass - [Raid] Mephisto


We have decided to once again pull the nerf-hammer and adjust some of our items accessible through CODE: Fusion.
The changes contain the following:


  •  "Formula of enhancement" now requires 5 molecule A + B & 200.000 cred.
  • "Premium natural oil" now requires 5 molecule A & 5.000 cred.
  • "Warranty seals" now require 15 molecule A & 50.000 cred.
  • "In-oxi cleaner" now requires 5 Molecule A & B + 500.000 cred.
  • "Network interference device" now requires 5 molecule A & B + 500.000 cred.
  • "Pet Nutrition food" now requires 5 molecule  B + 5.000 cred.
  • "5 revive capsules" now require 10 molecule A & 1.000.000 cred.
  • "10 revive capsules" now require 15 molecule B & 1.500.000 cred

    - Enhancement Level -1 is now available through CODE: Fusion.




Winter Holiday (A), (B) & (C) are now available!


That's about it for now agents!
Has your bug not been adressed? Or did you find anything new?
Please make sure to report this in our Bughunting vault whether on the forums or our official Discord.

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