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[Support_Maintenance] Xmas Gift & Transparency!

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!
Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


- A giftbox has now been added to the "Event" crafts section.
Please keep in mind that you need to be atleast level 10 to craft this box.
To obtain this giftbox all you have to do is visit the crafts NPC (Anywhere BUT Gangnam GGV) and craft the box there under our subsection "Event"

NOTE: You will ONLY be able to craft 1 giftbox per account, please pick your character wisely.




This time around we had an x-mas themed holiday event in the works.
Unfortunately we have decided to cancel working further on this event and instead invest all of our time and dedication into the upcoming big version update.

We know that many will be saddened that no xmas event took place this year, we do apologize for this since we have been looking forward to this as event as well. However there is also a massive chunk of the community that is longing for content and we would like to make that happen. Ultimately we were forced to choose between putting our focus on the event and delaying official content even more, or scrap the event and instead get the patch out of the way ASAP.

What some of you may not realize is the fact that the custom events we provide, such as the latest halloween event "Trial of Demonsionals" consumes extreme amounts of time to create. This ranges up from concept realization to dungeon stage design & then the technical aspect still has to go through to make sure it doesn't make the server completely crash down.

To avoid the plethora of questions; no we do not have a date when this big version patch  may take place. Yes we are aiming for this patch to arrive within the near future. It is also correct that we are aiming to have area 8, special agent/crew promotions and Violet be present in this patch. But most importantly this time around we hope to keep all of you updated with our progress in the form of sneek-peaks etc.

Please do not confuse this information as a "next week new patch" overall message as this is absolutely not feasible, however we are trying our best to make this happen ASAP. As much as we would like it to be true, we're not able to just copy/paste official content, slap a few buttons and it's magically working. Every single patch has to be created from scratch which always is a trial and error process.
On top of that extensive core testing/ item translations/ and all of the sidesteps needed to complete a patch sweep even more time under the rug. All in all please just understand that if it was truly as easy or accessible we would've had all the latest content by now.

In the spirit of this festive holiday we have prepared a special giftbox for the players that managed that still to this day support our server through thick and thin.

Once again we're very sorry about the delay in things and the lack of an xmas event, we're actively working behind the scenes to bring bigger change aside of this upcoming content patch to ensure a smoother CODE: Closers experience for our playerbase, however please remember; Big changes do not happen overnight.

That's it for now agents!

CODE: Closers thanks you once again for staying with us despite the lack of updates for these last couple of months.
And for those that just came back and/or joined our server, we hope you will enjoy your stay with us once more.

We're looking forward to the future that hopefully involves all of you!

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