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[Official] Contest Theme Suggestion Thread

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Hi agents! If you have a good idea for the theme for our contests, feel free to submit your idea in this thread.
The theme suggestion thread is for the following official contests:

  • UNION Paparazzi
  • CODE: Creation

How to submit a suggestion?
Please follow the format below:

Contest: (Choose only one of the Staff contests)
Theme: (Write the name of the theme that you're suggesting)
Description: (Explain your theme in detail)

In order to avoid spam and "+1" posts, you can help us by voting the suggested theme that you enjoy by giving the post a "like"! 
This thread is for suggestions only. Please direct all questions to [Contest Discussion Broadcast] and stick to our [Community Guidelines]. 

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Contest: CODE: Creation
Theme: Poem/ Word Artist
Description: The premise of the event is to have the community create a Poem/Letter etc based on the theme provided by staff. For example: Farewell letter to (Perhaps their main character). This can also be brought into maybe holidays that go on such as Valentines Day, April Fools Day, Christmas, Halloween aswell. Hopefully can bring some of the word weavers into the contests aswell. Thanks for your time

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Since having seasonal themes can get boring...

i'll suggest multiple themes for same contest btw..

Contest: CODE: Signature (will add something else to discussion thread about this..)

Theme: Lens Flares

Description:  Create a Signature with Lens flare in it.


Theme: Monochrome

Description: signature with just one color ofc you can use shades and tints of that color .


Theme: Black and White

Description: black and white signature (can have some color but not way too much ofc)


Theme: Character Color

Description: based on character color create a siggy 

ex: Soma's color is pink use pink for a siggy if you're using soma.


Theme: Color Scheme

Description: complimentary colors , analogous , etc... use one of these schemes for for signature. 


Theme: Neon

Description : self explanatory.

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