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[Support_Maintenance] Bugfixes!

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline as of now for a support maintenance.
CODE: Closers will provide this type of maintenance bi-weekly to keep the network running at it's peak performance.


- Missing PG/A8 Gear has been added back.
- Wolfgang can now access the Official agent promo cube dungeon.
- Wolfgang is now able to run previous locked dungeons located in Plane Gate/Tiamat.
- Crafts have been removed that shouldn't be here.
- Union Camp craft nerfs have been reverted back to custom functionality.
- Official PvP Crafts have been added back.
- Synchro Fiber 2 star merge bugs have been fixed.


- Wolfgang's Skill "Dark Hand" is still under investigation.

We have tried our best looking into this and trying a few things but we're not guaranteed a fix has been applied within this patch.

With that said if any of you are still experience this issue please do let us know however keep in mind that we don't know
when we will be able to adress this issue.

That's about it for now agents!
Has your bug not been adressed? Or did you find anything new?
Please make sure to report this in our Bughunting vault whether on the forums or our official Discord.

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