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CODE: Closers 0x50 - The Awakening!

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


- Level Cap: 83
- New area: Purification Hall
- New Dungeons: - Tindalos, Harpas & Yod
- Purification: Contamination Hell mode added.
- New Character: Luna (Intern + Official Agent)
- Cash shop addition: Lvl. 81-85 Equalizer
- New Luna Exclusive Gacha: Triple Threat
- Skill/Character revamps
- Circle: New Circle Dungeon
- New Rare Set: Zenith (100% merge rate)
- New Ranking Hall Enabled in PG.
- New Permanent Costume: Operator
- New System: Special Order
- New Pet sale: Mini Luna (2 weeks)
- New Gremory dungeon addition
- Union Camp Rework
- Character re-balance
- PNA: New PNA factor.
    - SS Tunes enabled.
- New Gacha: Sailor


NOTE: You're only able to craft 1 per account so pick wisely.

We've prepped a little goodie bag to start the update just right!
Please make sure to craft it before it's removal date!

What does this pack contain?

  • 7 Day Maid Service Voucher.
  • 7 Day Gardening Service Voucher.
  • 2  +13 Fuels
  • 3  LVL 71-80 Equalizers.
  • 5  LVL 61-70 Equalizers.
  • 12 Megaphones
  • Luna's Shield Accessory
  • 3* Camilla Booster
  • Costume Package  (Yes you won't find out what it is until you get in-game! & it's also available for Luna.)

 NOTE: We're currently aware of the little malfunction where it's only giving 1 of each item instead of their actual count.
Expect an additional craftable pack next maintenance including the missing items.


Finally a new area has once again arrived with this time it's own set of endgame.
Welcome to the era of purification!


What is purification and how does it work?

Purification is a multi stage style dungeon feature that rewards you with respective gear the further you unlock more stages.
To climb up these stages all you have to do is complete the missions you see within the UI.


Keep in mind that depending on the day there will be a select set of dungeon options available.

The gear you eventually will able to get not only has decent stat properties but also affects your skills.
One could say the arrival of purification served as a mini rework for all the closers.

Keep in mind that these changes are solely attached to the gear itself.

Already confused and want to know more?
Rest assured a purification guide will be made available within the near future under [Official Guides].


The shield from the heavens, or so they say...
Luna made her way into CC HQ at last!

Promotions: Intern - Official Agent
Zones: Access granted to all.
Level Cap: 83



What is a "Rare" set and how can I get it?

Rare tier costumes in closers are the most powerful costumes you may find.
These sets come in a 10 piece setting, and while fully worn Zenith will grant you the following:

- New Idle pose
- New sitting motion
- New Loading Border
- Particle effects while moving
- New character illustration (Skill cut-in, default avatar etc)
- New voicechanges/dialogue upon entering/clearing dungeons

You're able to obtain these pieces via the synchro fiber system, an unique material
available in our UNION Store.  The Synchro fiber will give you the ability to merge costume pieces
in efforts to gain the desired Zenith costume piece.

Do note that you only can obtain the 6/6 (weapon/hair/top/bottoms/shoes/gloves) via the synchro fiber.
The Zenith accessories are only available through our gacha.

For the first 2 weeks of the initial launch Zenith will also have a 100% merge rate!

NOTE: The Zenith accessory pack through CODE: Foundation will arrive within the future.
These packs do NOT arrive with the first release of Rare Sets right away.





Sailor is now available in version (A), (B) & (C) !
NOTE: There is no version available for Luna.



With the release of such perfection to quote Luna for a second we've decided to honor her release with yet another
Thriple threat Gacha!

This time featuring Royal Rose, Cheerleader & Schrodinger Cat in all their respective versions.



- New Improved translations (Yes this includes storyline)
    - Credit consumption reduced during upgrading.
           - Number of factor drops in dungeons has been increased.
- Crafting material merge revamps.
- Trade transaction limit increase scaling per level.
- Previous bugs have been adressed.
- Molecule attendance system has been removed.
- Cybernetics removed from Synchro Fiber.


- We're aware about the potential of some visual asset errors.
This will be adressed later on.

That's it for now agents!

CODE: Closers thanks you once again for staying with us despite the lack of updates for these last couple of months.
And for those that just came back and/or joined our server, we hope you will enjoy your stay with us once more.

We're looking forward to the future that hopefully involves all of you!

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