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[Hotfix_Maintenance] 2nd wave!

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


- EXP Issue has been solved.
- Purification freezes solved.
- Enhancement system should provide protection up to +12 again.
- All starterpack tiers fixed.
- Washing machine mail issue solved.
- My Room/Camp are fully functioning again.
NOTE: This included a complete wipe.
- Pet packages should be functional again.
- Chinese assets should be adjusted back into English.
- Recharge option within the cash shop addressed.
- Wolfgang's Summer Rhapsody portrait works now.
- Now able to use the previous commands for emotes such as /Dance etc.
- PvP issues have been solved.
- 3 Day quality assurance seal pack can now be opened.
- Warranty seals are sell able again through the black market.
- Luna's missing cat tail is added to the gacha.


At last this has been fixed however to fix the error at hand we had to pay the cost by completely wiping my room/camp to do so.
We're very saddened to announce that because of this you will have to redo all progress within my room/camp.

Unfortunately there was no other way in fixing this bug without a complete wipe.
With that being said we're extremely sorry for the inconvenience this mini wipe may have caused.

Because of this we have prepared a littlecompensation pack in efforts to help out.
Keep in mind that this package is account bound and you're only able to craft 1 per account.

NOTE: You're able to find this package under the crafting NPC "MatterMixer EX ver.1"
Subsection: "Event"

Contents of this package are the following:

  • 30 day Alraune my farm coupon x 2
  • 30 day maid Celine my room coupon x 2
  • Fortified fuel +13 x 2
  • Excited Recast Equalizer x 3
  • High Frequency recast Equalizer x 5
  • Server megaphones x 10
  • Expert exploration ticket x 50
  • Mini Maid Celine Adult Pet Package


- Keep in mind that a reset took place within PVE-PVP Skills/PNA etc, so this means that you will have to put in back your points/strains.
NOTE: Skilltab now has 2 sections PVE & PVP please make sure to set your skills for both sections.
- To fix the exp issue all exp has been reset to 0 for everyone, this means if you were lvl 80 with 60% you're back to being lvl 80 with 0% on your exp bar.

That's about it for now agents!
Has your bug not been adressed? Or did you find anything new?
Please make sure to report this in our Bughunting vault whether on the forums or our official Discord.


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