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0x51 - Closer Island!

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Hiya agents, the CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then.


- Changed log-in screen to fit the release of Special Agent Luna.
- Special agent: Luna now available.
- Summer event dungeon: Closer Island enabled.
- Summer event now available.
- New Gacha: Garden Party & Black Opera

- Gacha rates increased significantly.
- Added all Gacha consumables into 1 box: CODE: Gacha Item Package
- Added Luna's Special Agent costume into special promotions cube.
- Removed 100% Zenith Merge Event.
- Removed Mini Luna Pet Promotion.


As most of you know the Closers have been fairly busy over the past couple of months.
Because of this by the time everyone was ready to unwind and have a summer vacation, summer-
was unfortunately already coming to an end.


Luckily enough we managed to grab a sample of Wolfgang's beach simulator to get the ball rolling and modify it into a
little get-away resort: Closer Island. Unfortunately resources are running low and now we need your help to collect
as many Sun Fragments as you can, to make this summer last just a little bit longer.




Duration: 14th of September - 28th of September
Level Requirements: Level 40 ~ 70
Traced Danger: Camilla, Veronica, Gremory & Dust.
Dungeon Location: Gangnam Evac. Center AKA Gangnam Rooftop.
Dungeon NPC: Summer Event Dungeon Entry - MissionMinder Ver.11
Daily Entries: 5 x

By participating in this event you will get rewarded with Sun Fragment pieces which you could exchange at
"MatterMixer V3 Allan" Crafts NPC Located in Gangnam Evac Center for a bunch of goodies!


Keep in mind that there are certain goodies that require special materials such as "Summer Gitae Trophy"
You will be able to craft special materials under the same npc within section: "EVENT"


NOTE: There is a special event material "Summer Reserve Token", please make sure to keep this in your inventory.
A package will be made craft-able with this special material within the near future!


At last even Luna achieved her perfect form through this upgrade!
With that said, Special Agent Luna is now available!




Garden Party & Black Opera is now available!
The following versions are enabled: A,B & C



- We're aware of the current bug tied to Luna's Special Agent Finishing Move.
This is unfortunately a bug that came from the official servers and shall be resolved in the future.

That's about it for now agents!
Has your bug not been adressed? Or did you find anything new?
Please make sure to report this in our Bughunting vault whether on the forums or our official Discord.

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