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Task Force Promotion Quest

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Task force, the next promotion for Special Agents/Crew members, is available to specific characters. This is a quick guide detailing the process of how to obtain this promotion.


First and foremost, in order to be able to receive this quest, you'll need to be level 83 and have <Dream World: Dance Theater> unlocked. This is an Epic Quest that can be accepted from <Dr. Jung> in <Dimension Ops Center>. After all the aforementioned steps are completed, and if the promotion is available for your character, you'll be able to accept the quest from <Opera D> in <Dream World: Dance Theater>. Similar to the Special Agent quest lines, this quest beings with dungeons that are accessible in party play, however it the majority of the quest will take place in dungeons that must be tackled solo, so remember to be prepared in advance.

In order, here at the dungeons and mats you will need to obtain in order.

Clear <Connected to the stage of memory> once. The main dungeon housed in <Dream World: Dance Theater>

Clear [Solo] <Stage connecting the ties> once. A secondary dungeon, like in special agent, is only accessible to those in the proper part of their promotion quest.

Collect 10 Tie Fragments. These are awarded 2 per run at from [Solo] <Stage connecting the ties> this dungeon has an entry limit of one per day.
As well as Gather:
aNurMuh.png Sticky Residue x200
t5MyqEq.png Chromatic Phase Essence x200
JNupfQx.png Amplified Dimensional Essence x400
hLxhUPb.png Alien Pressure Valve x500
47fIhCq.png Synchronization Gene x500
yr1rpdf.png Dimension Core x500

After completing the final step talk <Opera D> at <Dream World: Dance Theater> and claim your promotion!

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