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Hello. As you can see my profile picture I'm a K-Pop trash but at the same time I like to play games so. Some of you may not know me, but I'm Rilluca from Elsword NA. I played Void Els for a while, but quickly uninstalled because the game was too laggy for me, my laptop couldn't handle 2 Elswords at once, but now I have already quit Elsword NA as well. I'm currently Rillu/Yerin/Hoseokie/Namjoonie/Eunha/Jinyoungie/Myungho, I'm a Yuri main and a Tina main in the future. If you ever seen me in game, drop by to say hi, I don't bite.

There's so much fuckin weeb in this game including myself.



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11 hours ago, Icarus said:

Hello and welcome to CODE: Closers! We hope you enjoy being here, Agent Seokjinie.

Thank you.

10 hours ago, taehyung said:


cute igns (is jinyoungie referring to got7 jinyoung?)

Yes, Jinyoungie is referring to GOT7's Jinyoung. He's my bias. You can actually see the groups I stan from my IGNs.

10 hours ago, Mewy said:

welcome!! i'm kpop trash too

hello fellow kpop trash

10 hours ago, Jess said:

w0w weeb

jk welcome

hi weeb thank you weeb

10 hours ago, Jennasaur said:

welcome im kpop trash too


8 hours ago, Raichu said:


I hope you enjoy the game~

if this game doesnt go the same way as elshit i will

8 hours ago, chancey said:



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11 hours ago, Seokjinie said:


My got7 bias is mark and honestly i think he might be my ultimate bias (even though bts is my ultimate bias group). Mark is just so fluffy and soft while also being really hot and doing flips, plus he's so shy and humble about everything adhgldjfjd i'll probably never meet him but i hope i can have a conversation with him one day.

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