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Greetings everyone! This Sonaton/Melodion

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Im not new to closers, but i started code closers a few days ago thanks to someone who means the world to me

However im a gigant anime/manga fan and obviously one of closers

I like when things go colorful or really flashy

IN game you will meet me as the following characters: Nata(Sonaton),Tein (PrinzEleon), Seha(Guardian of N) ,J (SejiHamura)

I would love to meet more closer players ,im looking forward to discuss about closers and play closers

About me:Im goofy, compassioned, a good listener and highly emotional.

If there is anything you want to ask me or need to know, pm Me


Greetings Melodion! :3tumblr_nohlck5wQ01tmwpiao1_500.gif

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welcome to code closers,i don't really know if you know about nata,but if you want,i made a guide for him,there it is:

besides that,i hope you like our server and enjoy your stay here.

thank you for playing with us.

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Hello && Welcome to the CODE: Closers community, Melodion !
If you ever have any questions or are just in need of some assistance,

feel free to make a post here on forums and we'll do our best to help you.

Best of luck && Enjoy the game !

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