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hello guys!

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nice to meet you all!,i've been playing code:closers for 3 days ish now and i'm enjoying the hell out off it,but i'm kinda scared about end game since i never played the original closers and do not even know what max level/level that i should start gearing up at is,most of the guides i'm seeing are from 2017/early 2018,if someone can help me by recommending up to date helpful guides on how to gear up i would appreciate it A ton,thanks for having me ❤️

edit:i'm a lvl 58 tein btw

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Hello there, young fella! Welcome aboard the ship, be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself. Consider joining the Discord server for more interact with the community for your questions to be answered and to form parties faster for raids and so on.


I'll explain in summary of what you should do. As a Tein, you're a Psi(Magical) based character all the way. So you wanna aim for those blue colored modules and wandas as your core, for the receiver, you'd wanna get aerial, blue colored as well. Blue colored means the background of the number is blue.

At level 60, head to Plane Gate and start doing the dungeons in Blue and Red gate, follow the quests there and get those Superior named shields, core and modules.

At level 75, upgrade them with needed materials to Extreme, it'd require you to do the raid there, Vitus and Mephisto. Also, head to Dimensional Ops Center and start working on it there for the Crater module, needed.

At level 80, head to UNION HQ and start working on Irina/David gear.

After you're all done with this, proceed with story quests till you cap then head to Plane Gate: Deep and start working on your end-game gear. It requires a bigger session to explain but this is all in short, you can ask in the Discord server for further statements.

Once again, welcome and it's a pleasure meeting you.

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Hello and welcome to the C:C community, Murasakino! I hope you've been enjoying your time here.
Like Shied recommended, you may have an easier time conversing with the community through our official discord. 
However, you can also try making a post in our General Guides section here on forums, and request suggestions through that medium as well, if you would still like clarification about how to obtain the appropriate gear and/or build for Misteltein. 

Best of luck!

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