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Hello everyone, some friends of mine started to play closers and they said to me that i should try it, so i'm pretty much new here!
I am Azu, and i love to draw and play games~
Before i start my journey with this game, what characters should i go for? 
i would love to have like someone who could guide me in-game 

So, yeah, nice to meet you all! 

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Welcome to Code:Closers :hello:

You can find plenty of guides in General Guides section, although you can pm on Discord (ArualKneza#7146) if you need help~ You can also ask people in C:C's official discord server:

And try to watch some youtube videos with Closers characters to see which you want to play. If you want easy one you can play Wolfgang, Soma or Seha... I think... I never paid attention to tier lists :depressed:

Well, it's always best to try every character and see which one is best for you~ Or you can choose the one who is the most attractive to you like I choose to main my Wolfbae...

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Hello and welcome aboard, new fella~

The guides may be outdated so you can try asking for tips on what your next step could be, you'll find it very helpful to be in the Discord server.

I'd recommend you to see all the characters or watch videos of them as Arual said, see who looks mostly appealing to you and go with them.

However, if you want an easy time going around, you can try playing Wolfgang/Soma/Seha/J(After his future patch). And if you want a challenge and to test your abilities, you can try going with Seulbi/Nata/Yuri. The choice in the end is up to you, a tier list doesn't matter. It's your preference of who you wanna play.

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Hiya && Welcome to the Code: Closers community, Lizexiis! It's very nice to meet you as well.
I think it would be worth your time to try each character out at least through the tutorial before deciding your go-to,

but all of them are pretty enjoyable to play! Personally, I like Wolfgang, Harpy, Misteltein, and Seulbi the best. ♥

Good luck && I hope you enjoy the game!

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